What does the Airbag Module do?

We all know that specific component present in a vehicle that isn’t necessary for it to run, but that would behoove us to use for our safety. Take turn signals and seat belts, for example. Sometimes, we may not realize these different parts are even there. However, even if they are small components, they serve large roles. They drastically improve our overall safety while driving. One such element is the SRS airbag module.

What does airbag module do?
What does the SRS airbag module do?

So what exactly is an SRS airbag module? The SRS airbag module is a unit that controls the airbags in your vehicle. Everything from the airbags to the impact sensors to the seat belts goes through it. Often, it can be located under the driver’s seat. Its main job is to monitor your car’s sensors constantly and record the information in a file. When a collision occurs—even a minor one—the sensors awaken the module to store the information in crash data and rigid codes. Data can be stored even up to 8 seconds leading up to the accident! At times, safety belts may deploy as well, which results in additional codes being generated. This, in turn, causes your dash to display the airbag light.

A few valuable pieces of information can be obtained from what the SRS airbag module stores in its system. The first would be the speed of the vehicle when the crash occurred. The module also records whether or not the brake light switch was activated during the impact. The engine speed along with the throttle position is also found among the information stored in the unit. Airbag modules in some vehicles also record seat belt use, any airbag deployments, safety belt pre-tensioner deployments, and impact speed change.

If you were involved in a car accident, you should get your SRS airbag module reset immediately by using our service here. The company Safety Restore can perform an SRS airbag module reset for you and bring the unit back to factory settings. That way, it can be available and working like new if any additional accidents were to occur in the future. The company guarantees quality and safety and you’ll have a lifetime warranty to go with it.

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