Airbag Repair Service

Airbag Repair Service
Airbag light on or illuminated? We offer airbag module repair services nationwide.

Looking for a local airbag repair service? Safety Restore is located in Westfield, Massachusetts but services its customers nationwide and even overseas! It is a company based on a ‘purchase first, then send in your items in for repair’ model, so the location of customers does not make a difference. One of its main specialties is providing SRS airbag module resets for vehicles that have been involved in an accident. 

When a vehicle is involved in a crash, the airbag light can appear on the dash, and crash data and hard codes can be stored in the system. If the SRS airbag module is not properly functioning, it is crucial to have it reset for your own safety and the safety of surrounding drivers on the road. After all, it is responsible for all airbag-related components in your vehicle, including crash sensors, airbags, along with the steering wheel clock spring, seat belt retractors, seatbelt pretensioners, and seat belt buckles. At Safety Restore, the skilled technicians erase all hard codes and crash data that are stored in the system, restoring the SRS airbag module to factory condition. No additional programming is necessary! If you are considering a local dealer to fulfill your airbag repair service needs, getting an SRS airbag module reset at Safety Restore is much more practical, and the quality is just as good! The company only employs highly experienced seat belt engineers. Your SRS airbag repair service will be completed using industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Not only that, but the company has always met or exceeded FMVSS standards! For their customers’ satisfaction, all repairs can be expected to be done in just a quick 24 hours or less, and have a lifetime warranty attached to it! 

If this sounds like a deal to you, head on over to today! All you need to do is select and pay for the SRS airbag repair service, remove your unit from your vehicle and send it into the company using any preferred carrier. You will want to make sure to send in your SRS unit, ECU, ECM, and airbag controller in for the repair! The module technicians will receive your items, perform all necessary repairs, and ship your package back out in just 24 hours! In no time, you will be back on the road with a newly reset SRS airbag module and will no longer have that annoying airbag light blinking on your dash! 

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