Speedometer Recalibration

Need speedometer recalibration? User our nationwide mail-in service with 24 hour turnaround!

You may find yourself in the pickle of needing to get a speedometer recalibration. The problem may be that you don’t know who to turn to to get the work done. Lucky for you, there is a company that exists named Safety Restore.

Safety Restore specializes in only three things–seat belts, SRS airbag modules, and of course, instrument clusters–and is, therefore, able to perfect them to a T. Safety Restore is a small family-owned company that strives to demonstrate impeccable quality in each of the services it offers. To ensure that, the company hires only highly experienced and well-trained engineers. All repairs are completed using industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. From the very beginning, Safety Restore has always either met or exceeded FMVSS standards. Safety Restore’s prices are unbeatable, too, especially when compared to the prices at the dealer.

If you are worried about removing the clutter from your vehicle, the process is quite simple. On safetyrestore.com, you can follow the simple step by step instructions to do so. To begin with, you need to engage the emergency brake. Only then can you remove the plastic trim surrounding the cluster. After that, tilt down the steering wheel and put your shifter into 1st gear. Next, you can remove the trim by pulling it out. Finally, remove the (7mm) 4x screws holding the cluster and pull the cluster out. You should disconnect the wiring. Once this simple process is complete, you can box up the unit and ship it out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. The skilled engineers will receive your package, perform the speedometer recalibration, and return your cluster to factory condition. Any and all gauge related issues will be fixed. Everything from the speedometer gauge, tech gauge, battery gauge, temperature gauge, oil gauge, and transmission temperature gauge should be functioning like new again after the speedometer recalibration.

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