Speedometer Adjustment

Speedometer gauge not showing accurately? Get a speedometer adjustment with our mail-in nationwide service today.

Speedometer issues can show up in a variety of different forms. Your tachometer gauge may be stuck, or your temperature and gas gauges may only be working intermittently. Your oil gauge may be giving you a wrong reading, you may have dead or sticky meters, or your speedometer gauges may be entirely shot. Regardless of the issue you face, the company Safety Restore can assist you with their speedometer adjustment service.

From the plethora of positive reviews the company has amassed, you can rest assured that safety and quality will be demonstrated. For years now, Safety Restore has been in business, and from the very beginning, the company has employed skilled engineers and used industry-standard tools for repair work. FMVSS standards have always been met or exceeded as well. To get a speedometer adjustment, you would only need to spend $118.99 rather than the hundreds or even thousands you would pay at the dealer. The great prices are not the only thing Safety Restore takes pride in. The company also completes repair work in just 24 hours or less, and you can expect a lifetime warranty attached to your product. For each service, including the speedometer adjustment service, defective parts are replaced with 100% OEM parts. You can expect your instrument cluster to be restored to its factory condition and to be working like new again.

Working with this company is relatively easy too. You need to log onto safetyrestore.com and select the service you are interested in. Then, you would prepay for the service before sending your current instrument cluster to the company. Even from its east coast location, Safety Restore welcomes customers nationwide. Once the company receives your package, the engineers will perform the repairs and restore the unit. Any gauge-related issues on your speedometer will be fixed.

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