Seat Airbag Repair

Side Note: Click here for seat belt repair and click here if your airbag light is on and you need to turn it off by resetting your airbag module.

Seat Airbag Repair
Is your seat belt needing repairs after an accident? Or maybe your airbag light and you need to turn it off by resetting your airbag module? Safety Restore can get it done for you.

Knowing how crucial seat belts are, it is not surprising that there are many different kinds of belts available. The different belts work in their own ways to administer to the type of motor vehicle they are equipped in. To name a few, there are lap belts, sash belts, three-point belts, and automatic seat belts. Below are a few characteristics setting each type of safety belt apart from another.

To begin with, there is a lap belt. This particular belt crosses over the waist and is adjustable. Lap belts can often be found in older cars. Nowadays, however, these types of belts aren’t seen as often, other than in some rear middle seats.

A sash belt is another type of seat belt. It is also adjustable but crosses over the shoulder of a person. This type of belt was more prevalent in the 1960s and is used less today. Because it is quite easy to slip out of this type of belt during an accident, other belts are preferred over this one.

Some vehicles are equipped with shoulder belts that move forward automatically to shield an occupant once the vehicle is running. These are called automatic seat belts. With these belts, there is also a separate lap belt–which needs to be manually fastened. Due to the airbag being a mandatory component in vehicles in many countries, these type of belts has become less popular recently.

Then there are three-point belts. Three-point belts share some similarities with the shoulder and lap belts. The three-point seat belt has a single continuous length of webbing. This seat belt, similar to the sash and lap seat belts–helps to spread out the energy of a moving body over the pelvis, chest, and shoulders during an accident. As a result, it provides the best protection to occupants of a vehicle compared to other belts. Most cars are equipped with this three-point seat belts.

Regardless of the type of seat belts that are found in your motor vehicle, they may deploy following an accident. This can result in codes being generated in the SRS airbag module of your vehicle. After an accident, the module may also store crash data and hard codes. The company Safety Restore has a seat airbag repair service to fix this exact issue. Rather than buying a brand new module at the dealer, customers can purchase a seat airbag repair and send in their existing unit to be restored. The unit is returned to its factory condition and all hard data and crash codes are eliminated. The seat airbag repair is priced very reasonably at only $49.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty. The repair work takes the company only 24 hours to complete!

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