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Our Guide on What to Do When the SRS Airbag Light Stays On

The airbag system in vehicles is one of the most revolutionary safety measures that can make all the difference between life and death. That’s why manufacturers designed a sophisticated airbag sensor that allows drivers to know if there are any faults worth noticing, which is shown by keeping the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag light on. 


An illuminated airbag light can indicate plenty of problems, all of which need to be addressed by a professional mechanic since it indicates you have a non-functional airbag. Putting it in the backburner can lead to deadly consequences, the guide below should help you understand what the airbag sensors are trying to tell you.


What to Do When the SRS Light Stays On 


Before anything else, it’s important to take your car to your local mechanic to diagnose the problem. While the issue won’t necessarily affect your driving, it’s an important safety feature that you can’t go without when venturing out on the road.


With that in mind, auto technicians can easily locate the root of the problem and suggest the best solution – be it to reset your SRS computer system, clear crash data, or even replace the ECU entirely. 


What are the Usual Culprits Behind a Lit SRS Airbag Sensor?


Seat Belt Problem 


Sometimes when the SRS light continues to blink on, then the problem can be related to the vehicle’s seat belt. It can be something as simple as failing to strap on your seat belt, or graver issues such as the feature no longer secures the driver in place. 


Depleted Airbag Backup Battery 


A dead battery can also deplete the vehicle’s back-up, which is the one that powers up the airbag system. Recharging the battery can fix the problem, though you may also need to recharge  the backup battery and reset the airbag sensors too. 


Damaged Airbag Clock Spring


The clock ring is responsible for connecting the electrical wiring of the vehicle with the airbag system, but it’s one of the fastest components that can wear-and-tear through time since the coil moves everytime the steering wheel turns. A worn out clock spring can cause airbag failures due to poor connection, which only a professional technician can fix. 


The Bottom Line: What it Means When the SRS Airbag Light Stays On and What You Should Do 


An SRS airbag light that stays on is a serious problem you cannot ignore, particularly since the airbag will not deploy properly in case you run into an accident. With that in mind, you should never drive with the airbag light on and call for services instead to avoid the risks. 


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