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Here’s Why You Should Never Reuse an Inflated Airbag

Let’s say your vehicle gets caught in a minor vehicle collision, and your airbag suddenly deploys. Would you still be able to reuse your airbag in that situation? That is a question that many car owners ask. And there are various misconceptions that surround it.


To give you a definitive answer, let’s first go over the facts. This article will outline everything you need to know to decide whether it’s a good idea to reuse an inflated airbag. 


Can You Reuse Your Existing Airbags?


The answer is plain and simple: We do not recommend it. While some airbags can be easily placed back in their compartments, doing so will not guarantee that they will function the same way as expected. It is important to know how airbags work to further understand why.


How Airbags Work


Airbags have saved many lives since their invention. These devices fold neatly and are strategically placed in different compartments of a vehicle. When sensors detect the strong forces involved in a collision, the system will immediately inflate the bags to deploy them and cushion the passenger from the impact. 


If you want to know how the bag quickly inflates at the right moment, it is all because of the different chemicals inside it. When these chemicals mix, they create hot nitrogen gas, making the whole bag blow up in less than a second. The bag is also designed to deflate immediately after. If you look closely, you will notice small holes throughout the bag where the air inside can come out.


It is important to note that airbags are designed to be used only once. If you have used yours, it is best to replace them with new ones so that you will be protected from future road accidents.


What Professional Fixers Do to Airbags After an Accident


As you already know, airbags do wonders in saving people’s lives. Before you use your car again, make sure that you have your airbag fixed first. Here is a step-by-step procedure that professional car technicians follow when replacing an airbag:


  • Step 1: They detach your car’s battery cable
  • Step 2: They remove the bolts inside, including the paneling
  • Step 3: They disconnect the wirings in your airbag
  • Step 4: They take out the used airbag and replace it with a new one
  • Step 5: They reattach the wires and screws they removed
  • Step 6: They reset your airbag sensors


Take your vehicle to an auto repair shop immediately after a vehicular accident and let the professionals do the repairs for you. 




Misinstallation of airbags can cost lives, which is why you should never attempt to do airbag replacement on your own. Leave the job to professionals instead, as they know all the small details about the system. That way, you can rest assured that the airbags will deploy correctly should you get into another accident.


Remember, being safe on the road involves more than just your driving skills. You also need to ensure that your vehicle and all its safety systems are in good working order.


Are you looking for an airbag reset near you? Safety Restore is a Massachusetts-based leader in post-accident restorations and webbing replacement. We offer airbag module reset services with 24-hour turnaround times and a one hundred percent money-back guarantee. Contact us at (855) 552 7233 to book a service.


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