Follow the Law with Orange Seat Belt Webbing

Orange Seat Belt Webbing
Our orange seat belt webbing replacement service.

Safety Restore offers a variety of seat belt webbing colors, including orange seat belt webbing, to guarantee that drivers and passengers are safe, but also to ensure that the vehicle meets its legal requirements for seat belts.

Seat belts have a long legislative history. While most seat belt laws are made in state legislatures, the United States passed Title 49, Chapter 301 of the United States Code titled Motor Vehicle Standard in 1968. This federal law required all automobiles, with the exception of buses, to have seat belts for the upright, sitting position.

New York’s legislature passed the first state law requiring seat belt use in 1984. Since then, almost all of the states have followed suit in two distinct manners: primary or secondary enforcement. States that have primary enforcement laws give police the authority to pull a driver over and ticket him or her if the officer observes someone in the vehicle not wearing a seatbelt. Secondary enforcement does not allow an officer to pull over or ticket a driver for a seat belt violation without a primary violation first, such as speeding or running a red light. There are some states which utilize a hybrid system, in which secondary enforcement is in effect for most drivers, but there is primary enforcement for certain minors. New Hampshire is the only state that does not require driver’s seat belt use by law. Massachusetts has primary enforcement, while Connecticut has secondary enforcement.

Safety Restore is aware of the legal requirements placed on drivers, which is why we offer colors like orange seat belt webbing. In Massachusetts, a driver can be pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. Using a color like orange seat belts will create a contrast between one’s clothing and the seat belt, making it easier for a police officer to see. Moreover, orange webbing will brighten the interior of any car. Our orange seat belt webbing replacement service will add a nice contrast with any traditional interior color, such as gray or beige. If orange is not the color for you, Safety Restore offers a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

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