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A Quick Guide to Repairing Your Car’s Broken Seat Belt

If you drive a car or ride one daily, you must remember to put on your seat belt at all times, whether you’re sitting behind the wheel, in the front seat, or at the back. Since you never know when an accident on the road can occur that could affect you or others around you, your safety should always be your priority.

However, if you notice your seatbelt is malfunctioning and won’t retract properly, you can become at risk unless you get a seat belt repair before you brave the road once more. You should never ride a vehicle when your seat belt is still broken to avoid problems.

The first thing you must do is identify why your seat belt isn’t working correctly, which could be due to an error in its retractor or a twisted webbing. Knowing the source of the issue gives you an easier time addressing your concern right. Keep reading below to find out how to fix your seat belt according to your problem at hand.

Repairing a Seat Belt with a Deformed Webbing

If something’s wrong with your seat belt and you discover it’s due to a twisted webbing, you can still repair your seat belt without resorting to buying a replacement right away. All you have to do is take care of the webbing by cleaning out the fabric of your seat belt or lubricating it right. 

Luckily, you can take care of a deformed webbing on your own without spending unnecessarily. The first thing you have to do is cover up your car seat with a towel to avoid liquids from spilling all over it and causing more damage. 

From there, you can unbuckle the broken seat belt and pull it until you reach a point where it won’t retract anymore. Grab a laundry pinch to keep the fabric against the loop while you inspect the seat belt further for issues concerning its webbing. 

Prepare a bowl of warm water mixed with detergent and submerge the seat belt fabric and leave it in the water for a while. You could also grab some wet wipes to clean the affected belt fabric. You should then use a dryer on the seat belt fabric or air dry it if you have time.  

Using a spray lubricant, apply it on both sides of the loop before taking out the laundry pinch and checking if it solves your problem and your seat belt can retract properly again. If it doesn’t, that’s the only time you can consider bringing your car to a seat belt repair shop. 

Fixing a Seat Belt with a Defective Retractor 

Another possible reason behind your seat belt not working right is a malfunctioning retractor. The best way to fix your situation is to inspect it to discover what parts are damaged and if you require a replacement. While you can perform the seat belt repair yourself, you can also hire a professional to change your seat belt retractor. 

First, you must pull out your seat belt loop and locate a screw that points to the retractor. Use a screwdriver or a handy tool to help you remove the screw carefully. After unfastening it, you will find the retractor underneath. The next thing to do is remove the connectors, which often look like standard wires. 

Afterward, take out the tractor and seat belt loop and separate them. With your new retractor ready, replace the old one and double-check that it has the same features as the previous retractor. When your new retractor is in position, return the tractor and the loop together, put back the screw into the retractor bolt, and place the loop bolt back. 


You should never drive or ride a car with broken seat belts. If the seat belt doesn’t retract properly, it could be due to deformed webbing or a defective retractor. You could try following the steps above to check if it will solve your concern. If you’ve tried everything and your seat belt is still broken, that’s the only time you could call seat belt rebuild services for help.

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