A Guide to Fixing a Stuck Seat Belt

Seatbelts in your vehicle are critical to the safety of all passengers. They are designed to keep passengers in place in light of an accident, spreading the force of a collision through the lap and the shoulder belt. As a result, the force of a crash is applied throughout the body, putting less stress on any one area, and lessening severe injury.

Although designed to help, they can periodically get jammed or stuck. The seat belt mechanism itself is a complex system that moves the belt via a rotating gear wheel. The wheel might get caught, making it difficult to draw or retract the seat belt.

In certain situations, this might be a far more significant issue that requires the dealership’s attention. Working with the mechanism itself requires a little more effort, but it is still very doable.

You can troubleshoot this problem yourself quickly and easily in these easy steps:

1. Remove the Side Panel

The seat belt mechanism is located beneath the side panel, and you must clear a way to it. Most vehicles should have two side clips to keep them in place. These are situated along the car’s bottom edge. You can use a flat-headed screwdriver or pliers to snap them upward.

It’s worth noting that the front clip is a little more challenging to release because it’s linked to the rest of the automobile with a concealed screw. Look for a tiny lockable compartment on the floor of your car, near the center pillar, the one with the trunk-opening button. 

Pop the lid open with your screwdriver to reveal a tiny screw, as this will allow you to remove the front clip safely.

2. Remove the Seat Belt Mechanism

Bolts are used to fasten the mechanism that retracts the seat belt. You’ll need 10mm and 14mm to unscrew them.

Make sure you remove the clip that attaches to the mechanism as well. You can do this using your fingertips. The seat belt system is now free to be removed from the B-pillar.

3. Open the Seat Belt Mechanism

To have a better view of the plastic cover, place the device on its side. Several tiny pins keep it firmly in place. You may get rid of them in any way you choose, like with a hex key.

You should notice a little box with tiny clips if you turn the mechanism around on its opposite side, so make sure to unfasten them using anything flat. Take off the plastic cover once the pins have been removed and the box has become accessible.

4. Remove the Smaller Pieces of Plastic From the Container

Two smaller plastic parts should be visible behind the large cover. They’re on top of the gear, so you’ll have to get rid of them. Remove the spring placed on top of the second component as well.

5. Reposition the Gear

Now that you’ve reached the gear wheel, twist it clockwise with your fingers to free it up. Pull the belt to test if the gear is quickly rotating. If everything is in working order, just rebuild the mechanism by retracing your steps.

6. Replace the Mechanism with a New One

Reattach the spring and the tiny plastic pieces and cover them with the big plastic lid. Replace the pins in the small box and clip it shut.

Tighten the bolts above and below the seat belt mechanism. Find the small device and reconnect it, then place all the panels back where they belong.


Seatbelts are an essential component of our daily lives. Our way of life is heavily reliant on the automobile, and our safety in the car is equally dependent upon the seat belt. It’s common to get a belt stuck, and thankfully there are ways to fix it. 

If DIY repairs are not your thing, or you’re not as confident to do this task, it’s better to get a seat belt repair service to ensure your proper seat belt repairs or seat belt replacement.

Safety Restore specializes in seat belt repairs and airbag module reset. In addition, we perform webbing replacements and instrument cluster repair services. Backed by a lifetime warranty, allow us to take care of your car post-accident. Reach out to us today!

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