Should Your Airbag Module Be Reset Even without an Accident?

Even if there is no apparent deployment, airbag module checks should be performed as part of maintenance. After all, the indicator will stay on even if any other non-obvious deployment devices—such as the front and rear seat belts and headrests—have been activated. 

The appearance of an airbag warning light does not imply that a deployment occurred. Many kinds of airbag failures may develop in the absence of a collision, and a system defect may have existed long before an accident. Even if the airbag light is turned off, there may be problem codes indicating previously stored intermittent defects that you should be aware of. 

It’s always best to have your airbag system professionally inspected if you aren’t sure of its condition. Here are some questions you may ask if you require an airbag module reset even if you haven’t been in an accident: 

Why Is My Airbag Light Lit?

If your vehicle was not involved in an accident, your airbag system indicator might light up for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • A faulty airbag control module
  • A bad connection (between airbags, seat belts, front impact sensors)
  • A vehicle that has been flooded or water-damaged
  • A vehicle that was damaged by fire. 

Have your car scanned by a body shop to determine what code the module contains. If the airbag module turns out to be faulty and not the result of an accident, look for a replacement SRS airbag control module supplier. You may have to utilize the component number to get a new module. If you buy a used or new airbag control module, it may need to be programmed/configured for your vehicle. 

Can I Bring My Vehicle in for an Airbag Module Reset Even If I Wasn’t in an Accident?

Before bringing your car in for an airbag module reset, you may want to check out whether you need a replacement module. Take your car to a body shop and have it scanned to see what code the module has. If they inform you that you have a faulty seat belt, submit it to us for repair. On the other hand, if they inform you that you have a faulty airbag computer, utilize the component number to find and identify the suitable replacement module. 

Can You Reset My Module If My Car Has Never Been in an Accident and the Airbags Have Never Been Deployed?

Repair companies can reset your airbag control module even if there have been no incidents. However, we suggest that you get it scanned first to determine what caused the light to illuminate in the first place. It may be a malfunctioning airbag, seat belt, or sensor. If you receive the module back and those parts/components are still faulty, the airbag light will come back on. If the module fails on its own, you can find new components. 

Do Component Numbers Have to Match When Buying Another Replacement Module?

Yes, the component numbers for the airbag control modules must match. The majority of car modules are VIN-specific. As a result, the component numbers must initially match. If the airbag indicator remains on, you may need to have it programmed to your vehicle’s VIN again. If your car was involved in an accident, we suggest that you get your original module reset. In this manner, when the original module is reinstalled in the same car, no extra VIN programming is required at the dealership. 

Final Thoughts 

In the worst case scenario, airbags may save your life. A faulty airbag that fails for whatever reason during an accident could result in striking your head on the steering wheel or dashboard. When you strike anything at high speed, your vehicle decelerates, activating an accelerometer and activating the airbag circuit. It is constantly necessary to have it examined and reset. However, even if you did not meet any of these, you can have it checked to ensure your safety. 

Do not wait for an accident to happen to have your airbag module reset. Always keep things in check and work with us at Safety Restore. Call us at (855) 552-7233 to learn more!

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