How does speedometer calibration work ?

Speedometer calibration

As you have probably seen yourself, speedometers can become faulty or present with sticking, fluttering, or broken gauges over time. When any gauge related issues show up, this is cause for an entire instrument cluster replacement or an instrument cluster recalibration. Below I will describe how the latter works.

Whereas, some choose to purchase a brand new instrument cluster when theirs presents with any faults or incorrectly reading gauges, others choose to repair it on their own or send it to a professional repair shop. Wherever it is sent to or repaired, several specific steps need to be followed to render a perfectly repaired instrument cluster. First, the instrument cluster needs to be removed out of the vehicle. For it to be removed, the emergency brake should be engaged, and then the plastic trim around the cluster is removed. The steering wheel needs to be tilted down and the shifter engaged into first gear. After that, the trim can be removed, as well as the screws holding the cluster. Once the cluster is pulled out, the wiring can be disconnected. After that is completed, the actual instrument cluster needs to be disassembled. Each gauge needs to be personally inspected and all the fluttering, sticking, broken, or incorrectly reading gauges replaced with new ones. All defective motors controlling the arrows and needles should also be replaced. Once all of that is done, the unit can be reassembled. To check if the repairs have been successful, the instrument cluster then needs to be reinstalled into the vehicle and plugged in. If all the gauges work like new again, this would be evidence of an effective instrument cluster repair.

If you are wondering what professional company offers speedometer calibration services, the answer is Safety Restore. Safety Restore has been operating for many years now and specializes in the repair of any gauge-related issues. The service is affordable and quality is guaranteed. Safety Restore only utilizes industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts when it restores instrument clusters to factory settings.

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