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Here Are 3 Reasons Your Airbag Light Might Have Switched On

Aside from the seat belt, our car’s airbags are protection mechanisms that can save lives. Even in a sudden and high-impact accident, those safety measures increase the chances that passengers emerge with only minor injuries. Their importance cannot be underestimated, which is why near every vehicle in the world is equipped with an SRS system. Their use is even reinforced by law, requiring everyone to wear their belts and double-check the condition of the airbag before the driver even steps on the gas.

Given the importance of airbags, it’s crucial for drivers to check their systems regularly, as it is the only thing protecting you and your front-seat passenger from hitting the dashboard too hard in the occurrence of an accident. Without it, the possibilities of broken ribs and head traumas may become your most debilitating problems.

Your airbag light indicator light is attached to your SRS system and will light up if it senses a problem. If ever that were to happen, you need to determine what is causing it to switch on and whether or not it will become a bigger concern later on. The following tips may just help you figure out the issue:

1. A Damaged Clock Spring

A clock spring is the part of your vehicle that allows the driver to steer while maintaining the connection between the airbag and the horn. They are generally durable, not having any issues for a long time unless the age of your car would come into question. Sometimes in older cars, the wirings may brittle out, causing a short-circuit that may compromise the connections. Because of this, the airbag light may switch on, indicating that there is indeed something wrong with the clock spring. When this happens, immediately bring your vehicle to an auto service center so they may have a look and fix the wire connections.

2. A Lodged Seat Belt

Some cars are hi-tech enough for their seat belts to have their own sensors. They are designed to remind you, the driver, and your front seat passenger to buckle up before you may even step on the gas. There are times when small debris, dust, or a small stone may get stuck in the belt buckle. In such a case, you will not be able to lock the seat belt in place, triggering the sensor. This may come in the form of your safety lights inside the car, including the airbag light. Double-check your belt buckles and see to it that there is nothing lodged in them.

3. A Recent Accident

Suppose you were involved in a recent accident. Even if the damage wasn’t that big and you weren’t injured at all, there is still a chance for your airbag light to turn on due to the sudden impact. You may need to bring your car to an auto repair center to reset the sensor and the light if this happens. The light might have been stuck in that condition because it still thinks that you are in an accident. Tend to this immediately and maintain your safety measure’s good condition.


Our airbags are just as important as our seat belts. Without them, we may suffer major injuries or end up getting flung out of our vehicles due to high impact. Do not be complacent about the safety measures, and make sure that they are always well-maintained. An airbag light that has turned on may need inspecting to indicate whether or not something is wrong with the airbag itself, and a damaged clock spring, a stuck seat belt, and even a recent accident may possibly be the culprit. Have it repaired immediately to reinforce the protection of your car.

If you are looking to reset your airbag module with the help of a restoration company that services airbags, look no further than our expertise here at Safety Restore. We offer post-accident restorations specializing in seat belt repairs and airbag modules. Contact us today and let us check on your airbag lights for extra measure.

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