What is the Seat Belt Sign

What is the Seat Belt Sign

Seat belts are the most important safety system within a vehicle. It is intended to prevent any serious injuries in the event of an accident. When an accident occurs, the seat belt tensioner tightens any slack that may be in the seat belt, securing an individual into their seat. This reduces any movement and can save the individual from hitting something in the car like the wheel, or even from being thrown out of the vehicle. It has been estimated that up to 50-80% of all deaths in an accident, could have been prevented if they used the seat belt properly.

However, though seat belts are in major part a tool for safety, they can also be described as seat belt sign. What is seat belt sign? This is an unusual case when the seat belt actually causes harm to the individual rather than preventing further injuries. It used to be known as the seat belt syndrome but later was coined the seat belt sign.

Seat belt sign is both a clinical as well as a radiological sign. One way to know if seat belt sign occurred is the presence of bruising/abrasions in the area across the abdomen, chest, and sometimes neck (where the seat belt webbing lays). A combination of visible abrasions as well abdominal pain or tenderness, can be a sign of intra-abdominal injuries.

After any accident, take a look at your body to see if there is any indication of seat belt sign. Seat belt signs are still a very important physical finding to look for after any motor vehicle crash.

If you still find yourself asking “what is seat belt sign” or if there is anything you can do to prevent it , visit SafetyRestore.com to chat with an agent to help you get your vehicle as those in the vehicle as safe as they can be on the road.

Who Invented the Seat Belt

Wondering Who Invented the Seat Belt ?

“Wear your seat belt.” “Seat belts save lives!” “Buckle up, it’s the law!” You have probably seen these phrases everywhere and so often that it has been engrained into your head. However, have you actually sat and thought about the history of the seat belt or wondered about who to thank for actually coming up with the idea in the first place? Below I will give you a little summary of the seat belt history timeline. It’s truly hard to imagine that not too long ago, seat belts weren’t even a thing and that people were driving around without them! We know today that seat belts are a crucial safety component in our vehicles that have really saved many lives throughout the years. It is no wonder that such an invention would become so popular and important!

To start things off, in the year 1885, the first known patent for an automobile seat belt was created for Edward J. Claghorn.

In the year 1903, a French man named Gustave-Desire Leveau invented a seat belt system with adjustable diagonal lap and chest belts.

A few decades later—in the 1930s, medical professionals began to urge the auto industry to establish vehicles equipped with seat belts as standard.

It was only in the years 1949-1950 that the auto manufacturer Nash became the first to offer factory-installed lap belts.

Just a little while later, in the year 1951, two men named Hugh DeHaven and Roger W. Griswold attained a patent for a three-point belt.

Finally, in 1959, Volvos became the first cars to be fitted with the three-point lap and shoulder seat belts.

The first mandatory seat belt law was established in the state of New York in the year 1984. Within just three years, 28 more states established seat belt laws of their own.

Seat belts are constantly being updated even to this day. However, even with the constant updates, individuals sometimes find their seat belts becoming faulty or breaking. If you or someone you know is experiencing any problems with their seat belts, turn to the company Safety Restore today! The company specializes in the repair of single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage seat belts and also performs seat belt re-webbing!

Speedometer Adjustment

Speedometer gauge not showing accurately? Get a speedometer adjustment with our mail-in nationwide service today.

Speedometer issues can show up in a variety of different forms. Your tachometer gauge may be stuck, or your temperature and gas gauges may only be working intermittently. Your oil gauge may be giving you a wrong reading, you may have dead or sticky gauges, or your speedometer gauges may be completely shot. Regardless of the issue you are facing, the company Safety Restore can assist you with their speedometer adjustment service.

From the plethora of positive reviews the company has amassed, you can rest assured that safety and quality will be demonstrated. For years now, Safety Restore has been in business and from the very beginning, the company has employed skilled engineers and used industry standard tools for repair work. FMVSS standards have always been met or exceeded as well. To get a speedometer adjustment, you would only need to spend $118.99 rather than the hundreds or even thousands you would pay at the dealer. The great prices are not the only thing Safety Restore takes pride in. The company also completes repair work in just 24 hours or less, and you can expect a lifetime warranty attached to your product. For each service, including the speedometer adjustment service, defective parts are replaced with 100% OEM parts. You can expect your instrument cluster to be restored to its factory condition and to be working like new again.

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SRS Seat Belt Repair

SRS Seat Belt Repair
Need seat belt repair and srs module reset services? User our mail-in nationwide service and save hundreds today.

If your question is where you can get SRS seat belt repair, the answer is Safety Restore. 

Safety Restore is a company founded on the repair of seat belts that has expanded into the resetting of SRS airbag modules and the re-webbing of seat belts as well. Basically, Safety Restore can do it all when it comes to seat belts. Whereas other competing companies are only able to accomplish the simple, single stage seat belt repairs, Safety Restore can do single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage SRS seat belt repairs. They perform repairs on the pretensioner and seat belt retractor, depending on what the customer needs. The SRS seat belt repair service is compatible with all makes and models of vehicles. Also, the physical location of their customers does not matter. From their east coast location in Westfield, MA, Safety Restore welcomes customers from all over the country, and even overseas! 

To get an SRS seat belt repair at Safety Restore, customers simply need to log onto their website, safetyrestore.com. Then, they can browse the services provided and select the one they are interested in–in this case being the SRS seat belt repair. All they would have to do then is prepay for the service, remove their seat belt(s) from their vehicle, and ship them out using any preferred carrier. Once the seat belt masters receive the shipment, they perform the repair work in just 24 hours and send the package back out to the customer. 

The quick 24 hour turnaround time is not the only thing the company takes pride in. The high positive review count the company has gained from the start speaks volumes on the safety and quality of Safety Restore’s services. Only highly experienced and well-trained engineers are employed at Safety Restore. The company ensures that all repairs are performed using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. A dual pro system is in place to test each seat belt buckle pretensioner. When getting SRS seat belt repair, or any service, at Safety Restore, you can ret assured that FMVSS standards will be met, if not exceeded. Prices are unbeatable too. The price for SRS seat belt repair comes in at only $64.99-$114.99! That means hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars saved compared to heading to a dealer! In the very slim chance that something goes wrong with the seat belt, customers also have the capability to send the item back for re-work under the company’s lifetime warranty policy. 

There is no better place to get your SRS seat belt repair done than at Safety Restore! Get yours today! 

Choosing Custom Seat Belt Webbing

After an accident, a vehicle may need a wide variety of repairs. One of the most important is repairing or replacing damaged seat belts. Due to their critical role in keeping people safe, they should be a top priority post-accident. Custom seat belt webbing is available after belts have become torn, ripped, cut or frayed due to a collision. Custom webbing is also available when a car owner is simply looking for a new look since it comes in a huge selection of colors, styles and materials.

Purpose of Webbing

Webbing is the super-strong, durable material that maintains the look and feel of seat belts to make them comfortable for riders. Its strength helps upkeep the belt’s integrity to keep riders safe and comfortable, whether on a nice, long ride or during an unfortunate accident. Seat belts with damaged webbing are not as effective during emergencies.

Replacing Webbing Post-Accident

An accident, whether minor or major, can wreak havoc on a belt and can lead to an owner needing custom seat belt webbing. Professionals will replace the damaged webbing and replace it with new material that meets the most stringent regulations pertaining to safety and federal regulations.

Refreshing, New Look

Normal wear and tear, owning a car for a prolonged amount of time, children and pets can cause all types of damage to webbing. Other times, you might simply get tired of the look of your seat belts and need a whole new, refreshing look. Whether an owner wants a traditional look or a brand-new, custom color, the right webbing is available to meet any preference for any make or model of vehicle.

When an automobile owner needs custom seat belt webbing, he or she can visit the Safety Restore website for their wide selection of colors and styles.

Seat Belts: Maintenance or Replacement?

Seat belts are safety devices that could prevent from damage during the car accident. The thing is that the vast majority of car owners tends to ignore using them, however, their role might be crucial. It does not come as a surprise that seat belts are considered to be the easiest way that guarantees to stay safe and sound and this golden opportunity does not cost an arm and a leg. By the way, they fitted in all cars and wearing seatbelts is compulsory according to the rules and regulation of traffic safety. Due to the above mentioned reasons, seatbelts should not be underestimated and neglected by drivers because the importance of human health and life is priceless and can not be replaced!

Seat Belt Inflator

A seat belt inflator is the small pyrotechnic igniter that is found in every new seat belt. The device is responsible for going off in the event of a crash and locking the entire seat belt mechanism. With the seat belt repair industry growing, many companies have turned to suppliers that are manufacturing counterfeit inflators that can be easily installed into any seat belt, tricking the airbag system and turning the airbag light on. While this may indeed turn the airbag light on, by no means does it restore safety in your vehicle. Counterfeit inflators have been on the watch by Federal agencies that shut down multiple companies dealing with this illegal activity. To this day, many “companies” and individuals are purchasing counterfeit seat belt inflators to provide seat belt repairs for their own or commercial use. Not only is this illegal, but is also a serious threat to the occupants who will be using the seat belts. A seat belt inflator consists of explosive which requires a special license for handling. At Safety Restore not only are we licensed, but we also import the same OEM seat belt inflators from the manufacturer that supplied your original seat belt manufacturer with. We take safety very seriously and the seat belt inflator is one of the most important safety components in a seat belt. On top of that, all of our seat belt repairs are performed by experienced technicians and engineers. Please be aware of many companies using illegal seat belt inflators to repair your seat belts. Do not put yours or someone else’s life in danger. In recent years, the FBI has prosecuted (including imprisonment) individuals using illegal counterfeit seat belt inflators. To stay safe always purchase your seat belt repairs from Safety Restore!

How to unlock a seat belt

If you are wondering why your seat belt is locked and more so how to unlock it, you have come to the wrong place! The reason your seat belt is locked is because a sensor has activated the airbag system igniting the seat belt charge to go off. This usually happens in an event of a crash, car accident and could even happen during a pot hole hit. The seat belts are designed with a gas charge that goes off locking the seat belt. Once this occurs, the seat belt will no longer work properly. It is not only the mechanism that is locked needing repair, but also the sensor igniter and gas charge that has went off. Safety Restore specializes in unlocking seat belts by refurbishing or rebuilding them back to factory condition. This service is very fast and affordable! You do not need to buy a new seat belt. Simply remove the locked seat belt from your vehicle, and we will unlock your seat belt. We are committed to a 24 hour turnaround assuring that you get your seat belts back in a timely matter. In addition, we offer Lifetime Warranty on all of our repairs – giving you a peace of mind. Order online today and we’ll rebuild your seat belts using 100% OEM parts, unlocking them back to OEM.

Also, if you’re ever in an emergency situation where you need to cut the seat belt webbing out, then check out our friends at autoXscape.

Seat Belt Replacement – All Makes & Models

Are you rebuilding a vehicle bought off an auction such as copart? Your car been in a car crash? If you are rebuilding your vehicle back to a safe condition, seat belt replacement is must to assure safety is restored. Of course you must replace airbags with new OEM airbags from an authorized retailer, but seat belts can be repaired by SafetyRestore.com. The seat belt replacement alternative is ideal for individuals rebuilding cars themselves and to all auto shops and dealers. Instead of purchasing new seat belts from dealers that cost hundreds of dollars, you are now able to save using the seat belt replacement service that repairs your existing seat belts. Simply visit our online store to get started with your repair! Our SRS airbag module reset service is only $50 and seat belt repair starts at $65 for all makes and models. Safety Restore – Seat Belt Replacement

seat belt replacement
seat belt replacement