How to unlock a seat belt

If you are wondering why your seat belt is locked and more so how to unlock it, you have come to the wrong place! The reason your seat belt is locked in that a sensor has activated the airbag system igniting the seat belt charge to go off. This usually happens in the event of a crash, car accident and could even happen during a pothole hit. The seat belts are designed with a gas charge that goes off, locking the seat belt. Once this occurs, the seat belt will no longer work properly. It is not only the mechanism that is locked needing repair, but also the sensor igniter and gas charge that has gone off. Safety Restore specializes in unlocking seat belts by refurbishing or rebuilding them back to factory conditions. This service is very fast and affordable! You do not need to buy a new seat belt. Simply remove the locked seat belt from your vehicle, and we will unlock your seat belt. We are committed to a 24-hour turnaround assuring that you get your seat belts back in a timely matter. In addition, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our repairs – giving you peace of mind. Order online today, and we’ll rebuild your seat belts using 100% OEM parts, unlocking them back to OEM.

Also, if you’re ever in an emergency situation where you need to cut the seat belt webbing out, then check out our friends at autoXscape.

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