Seat Belt Reset/Repair

If you’re in the business of repairing cars after the accident, buying them from auto auctions – you’re about to save a lot of money! As you may know, the most vital part of the whole restoration process is safety. Safety inspections are set in place by the state for a very important reason. The airbags, seat belts, and all safety components must be fully replaced or repaired prior to getting the car back on the road safely. Here at Safety Restore, we specialize in post-accident restorations, repairing seat belts after the accident, and resetting SRS airbag modules. Seat belt repair is a service we offer to customers nationwide! We use 100% OEM parts to repair seat belts, making them safe again! Our seat belt repair service is compatible with all makes and models 1996 and up! If your seat belt is locked, not retracting, retracting slowly, or you’re simply getting a code for it – you need our seat belt repair service. Simply mail in your seat belt to us for a 24-hour turnaround! We are committed to a 24-hour turnaround. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our seat belt repair service.

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    1. Yes you may bring your parts in for repair. The repair prices are the same unless you choose express same day service for walk ins only. That’s an additional $20 per item.

      Our address is: 40 Main St. Westfield MA 01085

      Thank you!

  1. hi mate…i got a holden calais v6.was working on the drivers side so i pulled the seat belt retractor srs tensioner and now the cable has gone inside…can u suggest how to pull it out again….

    1. Unsure what you mean by cable went inside as the vehicle harness should remain in place by clips. If you are meaning the seat belt webbing reeled in and now its locked, there’s one method that can help you. You would need to slightly turn the reel of webbing in the retractor, into itself a bit further for the lock to let up. At this moment you slowly pull the webbing out of the retractor. If this is confusing, we can possibly explain better if you want to email or text us. 413-454-5570 or

      Thank you!

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