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Some of the Most Common Vehicle Defects You Need to Know Are

If you think your vehicle has problems, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may feel that you’re only experiencing a minor issue, but ignoring it can cause even the smallest component to become serious as a much-needed airbag module reset. 

When checking the functionality of your car, keep in mind that the parts inside can have serious consequences. Look out for the following defects to ensure your vehicle is safe.


Effective airbags have to work correctly and not deploy at all or deploy too quickly or with too much force. Airbags can keep you from a life-threatening injury if you’re in a car accident. Improper airbags can also cause unnecessary bruises and burns and distract you while driving. 

The impact of an airbag deploying can also cause separate injuries. After an unnecessary deployment, you should replace defective airbags or get an airbag module reset from the manufacturer.


Brakes wear out sooner or later, making these devices one of the most common vehicle defects. If a car has a defective dual brake system, the brakes can fail, leading to a deadly car accident. Look for modern vehicles with a dual brake system. In this braking system, if one circuit fails, the other can take its place and allow the car to stop safely.

Door Latches

The most common problem with door handles involves the pawl spring, a coil-shaped object that reverts the door handle to a closed position after being opened. If not fixed, the pawl spring can snap, leaving the door handle unresponsive. 

For instance, the latch could snap and cause the door to swing back and hit them when a  passenger closes the door with too much force. A passenger leaning against a car door from the inside while in motion could be thrown from the vehicle if the door swings open.

Fuel Pump

If your vehicle feels like it’s stalling while you’re trying to accelerate from a stop, you may have a faulty fuel pump on your hands. A defective pump could exacerbate any issues already occurring with your car’s engine. A faulty pump can also cause a vehicle to sputter while accelerating. Some ways to prevent this problem are watching for these signs and finding out the cause.


The drastic improvement of automobile safety over the last 50 years is due to the introduction of the seat belt and its imposed regulations. Due to this, we hope that the first you do when you get in a car is buckle your seatbelt. A vital component of a car’s safety system, belt failures could mean anything from a broken latch to malfunctioning tension detectors. 

Injuries from belt failures could easily be prevented by keeping vehicles up to date with current recalls, which is why seat belt repairs are to be done ASAP.

Steering Parts

Ensure that you have your vehicle inspected before buying it and after any significant event that could cause damage, such as a minor collision. If a steering component fails, you might lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident that no amount of experience can control.

Window Mechanisms

Your car’s windows should never have holes or even hairline cracks in the glass, as those lead to total breakage down the line. The glass should be smooth and slide up and down smoothly. Windows should fit against the rubber stoppers on the door snugly.

Get These Problems Safely Restored ASAP

As you can see, car defects can cause a wide range of issues leading to a deadly car accident. To prevent accidents, take your vehicle to a mechanic for inspection when you notice any problems above.

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