Airbag light blinking?

Airbag light blinking?

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is to see one of the lights on your instrument cluster turn on, or even worse to continue blinking. If you are experiencing this problem yourself with the airbag light, let me tell you what you can do to have the dang thing stopped.

First of all, it is important to know why the airbag light came on in your car in the first place. There are several reasons. It could mean that your battery backup is drained, that you have a worn-out airbag clock spring, or that your SRS airbag control module is faulty. It can also mean that something is wrong with your seat belts or impact sensors. Whatever the issue behind the airbag light, the main thing you should be worried about is the fact that your airbags will not deploy in future accidents until you get the issue fixed. That means you are subjecting yourself to possible injury or even death every time you take your car out to drive!

You should take a look at your SRS airbag module first, as this is the most common way to fix the problem. You can purchase a scanning tool that will be able to detect any codes your vehicle has and the reason behind them. This can also be done at your local body shop. The next step would be to remove the unit from your vehicle. You can then either purchase a brand new one at the dealer or reset the unit to remove the stored crash data and hard codes. Of course, this would require additional software and tools, but the job is doable. If you are scared you will mess something up, you always have the additional option to send your SRS airbag module to Safety Restore. The company also repairs safety belts if you find that the issue in your vehicle is partially due to faulty belts.

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