Easy Steps to Perform an Airbag Light Reset (Scanner or No Scanner)

The engine and airbag lights on the dashboard deserve special attention, particularly the airbag light due to its importance in terms of safety. Through wear and tear, you may find yourself needing to reset your dashboard’s airbag light. Thus, you must finally learn how to do it all on your own!

Note that airbags are intended to inflate following a collision, but not when the light is turned on. So without further ado, here are the easy steps to perform an airbag light reset (with or without a scanner).

Learning about Airbags

When you hit another automobile or a fixed object while speeding, airbags save lives. If you don’t have an airbag, your head could collide with the steering wheel or the dashboard. When a car collides with anything hard, it slows down, which activates an accelerometer, which activates the airbag circuit.

Electricity powers a heating element in the airbag circuit. The airbag explodes fast and safely thanks to this heating element. Sodium azide, which creates argon or nitrogen, is the most common explosive used in airbags. This gas infiltrates the airbag, causing it to expand and bolster to protect the driver.

How to Reset Your Airbag Light (Scanner)

It’s time to figure out how to turn off the airbag light. After all, this takes only about an hour. If you are unsure, have a professional perform all work on the airbag system! 

Step 1: Check the Switch for the Passenger Airbag

Note that in every passenger seat, there is an Airbag On/Off switch. When removing the airbag light, you must first look at the fuse. Someone before you may have mistakenly switched it off, leaving the airbag light on in most vehicles. This button is usually located near the glove box on the passenger side dashboard.

Step 2: Scan the OBD2 Codes

To begin troubleshooting your airbag system, always use an OBD2 scanner to read the error codes. Never clear the trouble codes before addressing the issue with the airbag light.

Step 3: Repair the Fault

Never simply reset the airbag light without addressing the underlying problem. If a collision happens, the airbags may or may not deploy. Call a professional if you are unclear how to replace an airbag part. After repairing the problem, the airbag light in some automobiles turns off, but not all the time!

Step 4: Remove the Incorrect Codes

Reset the engine light after installing the replacement parts and ensuring that they are properly placed. This is impossible to do without an OBD2 scanner. Remove the airbag light from the dashboard and reset it. If the problem remains, reread the codes and check for any error codes.

Step 5: Start Your automobile and Drive it

If your dashboard’s airbag light has gone out, turn it back on and go for a test drive. If the airbag light turns off following a test drive, the problem has most likely been remedied. If the problem reappears, reread the codes and continue.

How to Reset the Airbag Light (No Scanner)

To reset the airbag light, most vehicles require the use of a scanner. To be safe, always repair the issue after the airbag light illuminates. Fortunately, after the problem is resolved, the airbag light in many automobile models turns off.

Disconnecting the battery terminals in some older vehicles may reset the airbag light. Here, you can examine the connecting connectors beneath the driver’s or passenger’s seat for any loose wires or rust. After inspecting and cleaning the connecting plugs, restart your vehicle.

If you can’t find any problems there, you should get an OBD2 scanner or get the codes interpreted by a shop; otherwise, you’re just guessing and potentially putting drivers and passengers at risk.


Many people believe that cars are an investment, but not everybody anticipates the work that has to be done in maintaining them. So, get ahead of the game and learn a thing or two. For example, knowing how to perform an airbag light reset could help you in the future! Let these easy steps come in handy and learn from a professional to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

For quick relief of your airbag light concerns, SRS Restore offers full-service in dealing with rebuilding car parts, airbags, and airbag lights after different types of car accidents. Call us today and get your vehicle looking and feeling brand new!

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