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Subaru Forester Airbag Light Reset

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Annoying Things In Your Car That You Should Fix Now Rather Than Later

We all have repairs in our homes that we tend to push off for days, if not weeks. Heck, some people wait months and even years to do something as simple as repaint a fence! For some reason or another, people usually overestimate the time and money that is required to complete such simple projects—and as a result, keep pushing them off into the future. This behavior continues with car problems too—even pesky little ones, like an airbag light turning on or the windshield wipers working improperly. Below I will go into detail about these pesky car troubles that people tend to ignore, as well as easy ways to overcome them.

First, as I mentioned, there is the windshield wiper problem. This semi-wiping, semi-leaving out an entire patch of window-business is more common than you think! It’s funny, because this is one of the simplest, and cheapest, things to fix in a car. All that needs to be done is a trip to an Auto Zone, where new windshield wipers can be purchased for as little as $20!

Another issue that car owners see in their vehicles quite often is little scratches showing up on the exterior paint. After years of driving, these scratches may be the result of anything from branches scraping by or from bad weather like snow or sleet. Whatever the cause may be, the solution doesn’t have to be a brand new paint job! That would cost a lot of money. Instead, specific scratch eraser pens or turtle wax rubbing compounds exist and can be purchased for a fraction of the price of a new paint job. Best of all—they often yield the same results!

A final problem that drivers frequently experience is the airbag light turning on in their dash. This happens a lot to vehicles that were involved in a collision or sudden stop. If you own a Subaru Forester and notice this problem in it yourself, consider getting a Subaru Forester airbag light reset. The Subaru Forester airbag warning light will stay on unless you get down to the core of the issue. Fortunately, you can turn to the company Safety Restore and they will charge you less for a Subaru Forester airbag light reset than the dealer would. The company works will all kinds of SRS airbag control modules so your Subaru Forester airbag light reset will be in great hands!

Seat Belt Repair Seat Belt Repair FAQ

What is the Seat Belt Law in California

What is the seat belt law in California today?

California, like each state, has its own set of laws and regulations when it comes to seat belts. Below I will describe some of the key points from the California seat belt law for adults and children.

First and foremost, in the Golden State, the seat belt law is considered a primary law. A primary seat belt law means that a police officer is allowed to pull over a car and find the driver for no other reason than seat belts not being used at that time. That stands in contrast to other states that have a secondary seat belt law—there, officers need another reason to pull the car over, aside from just seeing seat belts unbuckled.

In California, all passengers of a vehicle, especially a driver, must wear seat belts. For those aged, 16 or over, the lower strap of the seat belt must cover the hips or upper thighs and the shoulder strap must cross over the front of the chest. Understandably, the seat belt should never be tucked behind the arm, or buckled behind the back.

When it comes to young passengers, there are additional rules. A car seat or booster seat should be used at all times by any children under the age of 8 or less than 4’9″ in height. Any children under the age of 2 must be placed in a federally approved and age-specific car seat or booster seat as well.

Ultimately, each person should buckle himself or herself when in a vehicle, but if they fail to do so or are too young, the driver is held responsible. The fines for failing to wear a seat belt or driving passengers who are not strapped in vary quite a bit. Typically, you can expect a $20 fine, but this can escalate to $50 for each time after that. In some instances, the seat belt violation fee can begin anywhere between $162 and $465—especially if a child is not properly restrained. Unfortunately, court fees can up that price even farther. If you fail to pay the fees, you will then face losing your driver’s license.

Of course, to buckle into your seat belt, you need to have a properly functioning seat belt, to begin with. If you are having problems with your seat belt or it is broken, send it into the company Safety Restore for repair. You’ll be guaranteed quality repairs at an affordable price point.

Seat Belt Repair Seat Belt Repair FAQ

Why Seat Belt Cannot Pull Out

Reasons why seat belt cannot pull out

Seat belts are made to keep you safe on the road in your vehicle. A seat belt tightens in the event of a collision, keeping you firm in your seat. This helps minimize any damage that may occur to an individual. However, sometimes, the seat belt locks and you may be wondering why seat belt cannot pull out – even when it shouldn’t.

Your seat belt was made to lock up at specific times by utilizing a device called a retractor. This device looks like a spool with teeth on the edges of it. The retractor will usually allow your seat belt to extend and retract freely. However, in the event of a collision and/or sudden braking, the retractor will lock the seat belt. This prevents it from extending any further than it already is, keeping the individual in their seat.

Your seat belt not pulling out even though you have not been in an accident or had any sudden speed changes may be due to several reasons. For example, if you lean in forward to quickly, the retractor may sense that you have hit something, and engage. This might also occur if you lean forward and the driver hits the brakes. Another time the seat belt locks and you can’t pull out the seat belt would be if you are descending a steep downward road.

Once the retractor is activated, locking the seat belt, the belt has to fully retract before you can extend it again. If this occurs frequently whenever you try to pull on it, there is a good chance that there is an issue with the calibration and sensitivity to the machine. This would be a good time to get it inspected and cleaned. Visit to see what they can do for you in this case.

Seat Belt Repair FAQ

How Seat Belt Pretensioner Works

The seat belt pretensioner is one of the most important components of the entire seat belt mechanism. It works with the other parts including but not limited to the seat belt retractor, webbing, and pillar loop to render a fully functioning primary restraint system. On a side note, seat belts are considered primary restraint systems because of their crucial role in occupant safety. They work side by side with the airbags, which are known as the secondary—or supplementary—restraint systems.

Now let’s get back to the seat belt pretensioner. The pretensioner is known as the female portion of the seat belt and is often referred to simply as the “buckle”. It is the area where the seat belt retractor actually plugs into so that the occupant can be well secured in his or her seat. The pretensioner is the component of the seat belt system that locks the seat belt in place when the vehicle collides with another car or object or comes to a sudden stop. When a collision occurs and the sensors detect that, the pretensioner uses a small explosive charge to introduce a concealed piston. The piston drives the spool rapidly around and removes any slack from the seat belt. Ultimately, it positions the occupants of the vehicle into their seats so they could get the maximum protection from their airbags and from being ejected out of the vehicle. After this occurs, the seat belt pretensioner will have a compressed or squished look upon inspection. Also, if a scanning tool were to be used on that vehicle after it has been involved in the crash, specific codes would be displayed—indicating that the pretensioner needs to be repaired.

If you ever experience any problems with your seat belt pretensioner or other seat belt parts for that matter, know that there is a company you can turn to that will help. The company Safety Restore specializes in all types of seat belt repair, whether it is for single stage, dual-stage, or triple safety belts—and whether the problem lies within the pretensioner, retractor, or even the webbing!

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Nissan Altima Airbag Module Repair

Need your Nissan Altima airbag module repair?

Can A Minor Car Accident Result In Major Damage?

Fender benders are one of the most common, if not the most common, kind of accidents occurring on the daily. Generally, they do not cause much damage—or at least you think that to be true. Sometimes, even small damage caused by a minor accident can yield major problems under the hood, that you may not necessarily notice until it is too late. Below I will list a few symptoms of a minor accident that can lead to a big headache. If you notice any of these in your own Nissan Altima after a crash, you should have your car brought to a trusted mechanic immediately.

The first symptom you should look for is a battery that is quickly losing energy. Whether your battery suddenly dies, you can’t bring your car to start, or you notice that the lights in your car are working with less power than previously, your battery issues may have been caused by this minor accident you have been involved in. Even a slight impact can shift your car’s battery out of its intended position and cause it to work in overdrive—or cause it to short. Either way, you should have it checked out.

A second symptom you should look out for is your check engine light flickering. This light serves as a warning that something is wrong with your vehicle and can morph into an even greater issue. Therefore, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Another thing you should be looking at is your alignment. This issue can start small but very quickly it can spiral out of control. You don’t want to cause unnecessary wear on your tires, suspension, or brakes, so have your alignment checked immediately upon seeing any signs that it is off.

A final symptom you shouldn’t ignore is your airbags. If your airbags went off during the accident, you shouldn’t just look into getting new airbags installed. You may need to get Nissan Altima airbag module repair as well. This is because the SRS module stores crash data and hard codes after an accident occurs—even if it is a minor one. When this happens, nothing but Nissan Altima airbag module repair will be able to eradicate those codes. Instead of turning to the dealer, you can turn to the company Safety Restore for Nissan Altima airbag module repair. There, you’ll have your airbag reset for a much more affordable price than at the dealer.

Seat Belt Replacement

Honda Civic Seat Belt Replacement

Do you need a Honda Civic seat belt replacement?

Why Honda Civics Are The Best

Every so often, you may hear people arguing about which car is the best in terms of price, reliability, endurance, and overall comfort. I know I have heard this conversation played out many times myself. I do find it interesting and worthy to note that Honda Civics are quite often placed at the top of the list. Below I will relay some of the reasons why so many people think so.

One reason why Honda Civics are regarded so highly is that they are a relatively low-cost vehicle. As a personal vehicle, they require a lot less money to upkeep than most other cars on the market.

A second reason why people think Honda Civics are so great is that they retain their after-market value quite well. Some people even attest to being able to sell their Honda Civic for 50% of its purchase value after driving the car for more than 5 years! That is almost unheard of with many other makes and models of vehicles!

Another reason why so many people like Honda Civics is because it is a great commuter car. It is very reliable and you can drive it for years without experiencing any problems with it. It simply isn’t a car that requires a ton of maintenance. When problems do arise, the repairs do not cost an arm or a leg either—as they do with other vehicles.

Additionally, there are many variations on the Civic—most notably the Civic, the Civic Type R, and the Civic SI—allowing it to accommodate a variety of drivers.

Finally, Honda is one of the top car manufacturers that put so much emphasis on innovation and features that can catch the appeal of the entire public while remaining high standard on performance, efficiency, and safety. Even with loads of competition, the Honda Civic keeps its high reputation for one of the most efficient cars throughout its generations.

Even though Honda Civics may excel in all these ways mentioned above, some problems are bound to arise every once in a while. If you drive a Civic, one thing you may find yourself needing to get in the future, for example, is Honda Civic seat belt replacement. This may result from your seat belts becoming torn or frayed or the actual mechanism getting faulty. Whatever the reason may be, Honda Civic seat belt replacement may be an inevitable thing you’ll have to face. It is best for you to be prepared and know where to go for Honda seat belt replacement. You may think that the only place you can get Honda Civic seat belt replacement is at the dealer, but this is not true. You can turn to the company Safety Restore instead. Safety Restore specializes in seat belt repair and completes all services for an affordable price, a fast turnaround, and a lifetime warranty guarantee!
Seat Belt Repair

Fix Seat Belt In Subaru

The Supplemental Restraint system protects all of the individuals in your Subaru in the event of an accident. If that accident occurs, you may be looking at potential repairs that may need to occur. If you are a do-it-yourself person, you may want to tackle this task on your own. However, it is good to understand how the supplemental restraint system works before attempting to fix a seat belt or any other part of the system.

In the newer seat belt systems, a pretensioner is one of the main components in keeping you safe. The pretensioner tightens any slack that may exist in the webbing. It does this by using gas to create a flare. This causes pressure to build up inside. The retractor, then rotates, tightening the seat belt webbing. If the accident has a strong enough force, the seat belt tightening may not be enough to keep the individual from moving from their seat. Sometimes, the force causes the individual to stretch the seat belt. They may end up hitting such as the steering wheel, dashboard, or seat. For this reason, try to drive with your hands at the 10 and 2 o’clock position rather than the 11 & 1 o’clock. If you are wearing a watch or ring(s), your head may end up hitting them causing even more potential damage to occur.

There are times where a project may be too much or dangerous for a DIY. A part may need to get reset, replaced, or repaired by a professional post-accident restoration company. Safety Restore offers many services including repairing your Subarus seat belts, seat belt webbing replacement, airbag module reset, and more. Their expert technicians repair with 100% OEM parts. The process is simple. Simply select the service you need online and check out. Then ship them your part. They will repair and ship it back to you within only 24 hours! Thousands of customers walk away happy with their lifetime guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn how they can save you time and money, visit

Seat Belt Replacement

Where To Replace Seat Belt

Do you know where to replace seat belt?

Seat belts are important—and I mean CRUCIAL—for our safety on the road. That is why it is so important to remember to wear one at all times when behind the wheel or driving in someone else’s vehicle. Also, this is why getting necessary repairs—and promptly—is so important. Like everything else that is used often, seat belts can get quite a bit of wear and tear. They can become ripped, torn, frayed, or even chewed through by pets! The actual seat belt mechanism can also become broken or faulty and need fixing. This can include the seat belt retractor, pretensioner, or buckle. If you have something wrong with your seat belts, don’t hesitate to get them repaired or replaced immediately—your safety depends on it!

You have a few options available when it comes to getting new seat belts.

The first option would be to purchase brand new seat belts at the dealer. This comes out as the most expensive option, but many people choose to go this route nevertheless. At the dealer, you should expect to spend a few thousand, or a few hundred at least, to buy new belts.

Another—much less expensive—an option you have is to search through your local junkyard for seat belts. This can cost you as little as $30 but the safety and quality of the belts are not guaranteed. Since we are talking about such a crucial safety component in your vehicle, this small price point may not be worth the risks attached to it!

Of course, there is one more option, and that is to get your faulty seat belts repaired by a skilled professional. Many people think that once a seat belt starts having problems, there is no way to revert it to factory settings. However, seat belts certainly can be fixed and restored to practically new condition. The company Safety Restore specializes in just that! Safety Restore fixes seat belts of all kinds, including single-stage, dual-stage, and even triple stage belts. It also has a seat belt webbing replacement service, where it replaces customers’ belts either in a color match or custom color option! Quality repairs and affordable prices are guaranteed at Safety Restore!

Seat Belt Repair

Fix Toyota Corolla Seat Belt

Fix Toyota Corolla seat belt today!

Seat belts are the first line of defense as compared not only in your Toyota Corolla but in all vehicles, this is why it has become the law to use them. Even though they play such an important role in keeping you safe, many still don’t use them or take care of them. Seat belts can help to the extent of their condition as well as use. It is very good to be someone who uses there seat belt in their Toyota Corolla, or in any other vehicle, whether driver or passenger. You are doing what is best for your safety, as well as encouraging others in the vehicle to do the same.

Seat belts can lose their appearance and durability over time for various reasons. They can get worn, frayed, rip, or even stretch over time. These situations may call for you to fix the Toyota Corolla seat belt or get them repaired or replaced. Here are a few other things to keep a lookout for. If the seat belt is constantly getting stuck or jammed, you may need to get the culprit looked at. Dogs are notorious for chewing through seat belts. A frayed or chewed up seat belt can make it hard for the seat belt to retract back into the mechanism. Another reason would be if your seat belts just aren’t retracting, rendering them basically useless. Also, the seat belt pretensioner gets blown if your Toyota Corolla has been in an accident at all. This would definitely need to get serviced.

If you fall under any of these seat belt situations or anything else that may be wrong with your Toyotas Supplemental Restraint System, there is no need to get new seat belts and waste hundreds at a dealership. Instead, you can save hundreds of dollars by turning to Safety Restore, a post-accident restoration company. They can fix the Toyota Corolla seat belt, whether it’s a repair or replacement for a fraction of the cost at the dealer’s, restoring everything to factory condition! They use 100% OEM parts and offer a lifetime warranty on all their services. The process is simple. Simply check out online and send in your item to their repair shop using any carrier. Once they receive your item they will repair and send it back within 24 hours, getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

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Subaru Forester Airbag Module Repair

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Internal Damage You Should Look Out For Following A Crash

You probably already know of the external damage that occurs to vehicles after an accident, as you’ve probably driven past more than one accident in your lifetime. You may have been involved in one yourself! However, internal damage is something that most people don’t know too much about. If your own Subaru Forester has been involved in an accident recently, this is something you should pay particular attention to. You want to make sure that your car is driving safely and properly, and doesn’t have any internal issues that can give rise to even greater problems. Below, I will give just a few examples of the kind of internal damage you want to look out for.

First, you want to make sure that your car radiator is intact. Because most modern cars are not equipped to be super strong, the exterior often gets caved in—giving access to the inside, which includes the radiator. If you see that your radiator is leaking water, this should be an indication that it needs to be fixed immediately.

While checking the radiator, it would behoove you to inspect the other components under the hood as well. Ensure that there are no broken off parts, leaking compartments, or any pipes crushing down on others.

Another thing that may be damaged following an accident is your alignment. If the accident was only a minor one, you shouldn’t be too worried about your alignment, but if it was a severe one—you should be. If you fail to get your alignment checked out and fixed, you may end up with suspension and drivability issues in the long run.

Finally, you may find yourself needing to get Subaru Forester airbag module repair. If your airbags went off, the SRS module likely has stored crash data and hard codes into the computer system and nothing but a Subaru Forester airbag module repair will erase the codes. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go to a Subaru dealership to get Subaru Forester airbag module repair. Instead, you can turn to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore will be able to remove all the Subaru airbag codes in your unit for an affordable price and lifetime warranty guarantee!