What does service airbag mean ?

What does service airbag mean ?

There are many large vehicle repairs that people know about, such as changing a tire, getting an oil change, or switching out the battery. However, when it comes to smaller things like the service airbags alert, not many people know what exactly to do with them. However, they serve a vital role and should be on the list of things to know about your car.

So what exactly does service airbag mean? Let me fill you in.

The service airbag message is something that can appear on the DIC of your vehicle, which stands for the driver information center. This message can show up if there is an issue with the airbag system that needs to be resolved. The issue can be minor, or it can be something a lot more pressing—it may be telling you that your airbags will not deploy should an accident occur! This means that you will not be protected and can face some serious injury or possibly even death. Therefore, when you see the service airbag message pop up, you should immediately get it fixed. What you might also experience with the service airbag message popping up is your SRS airbag light turning on. This may occur if your car was previously involved in an accident that resulted in the crash sensors’ activation without the airbags deploying. As was already mentioned, this is just another reason to get your car looked at.

You have a few ways you can go about handling both the service airbag message and SRS airbag light turning on. First, you can go to the dealer to buy a brand new SRS airbag module. If you are well versed in automotive repair, you also have the option of resetting the unit yourself. Of course, if you aren’t fully sure of your abilities or don’t want to spend the money on software and tools, you can turn to the company Safety Restore to help.

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