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Better Safe than Sorry: Basic Facts about Seat Belts

The World Health Organization reported that roughly 1.35 million people die in road crashes yearly. The numbers are pretty shocking that VOX has dubbed this the US car crash epidemic. What makes them even more heartbreaking is that they could have been avoided.

As a responsible driver, this bit of information should enforce your reliance on your seat belt. If something is amiss with this safety device, you must immediately seek professional seat belt repair.

We might see its significance, but only a handful know the nitty-gritty of the seat belt. Let us take a more careful inspection of the seat belt. This knowledge might help you identify the signs that you need to see a professional seat belt repair technician. 

Retractable and Non-Retractable Seat Belts

The non-retractable types of seat belts are the ones that will not roll up when you unplug the seat belt. On the other hand, the retractable ones will, and you will have to wind it up.

You can identify a retractable seat belt by pressing the button that is on the seat belt buckle. If the switch will not go down, it is non-retractable. Non-retractable seat belts last longer.  

On the other hand, a retractable one is easier to use. The only disadvantage of a retractable seat belt is getting tangled with the shoulder harness. You should remember that either belt is just as safe, but the retractable one will be easier to use and more convenient.

Webbing for Seat Belts

It is the material that makes up the seat belt. It is a band of solid textiles that is woven with fibers.  

Seat belt webbing should be inspected at least once every four years. The vehicle operator should do it, and it should be sent to a laboratory for a thorough test.

Any inconsistencies and wear will appear when the lab takes an X-ray photo of the seat belt webbing. Any damage means that you need to take your car to a professional seat belt repair. Kindly remember that if there is damage, the seat belt will no longer be able to guarantee your safety. 

Seat Belt Retractors

This device immediately draws the webbing on the seat belt when you press the buckle. You can identify the seat belt retractor by the way it is installed. It will be exposed, and there will be a device that prevents the seat belt from coming loose.  

The most common kind of seat belt retractor is the pretensioner. It is preferred because it tightens the seat belt itself. The pretensioner is attached to the seat belt webbing, and it can be moved to the left or the right. 


They say that it is better to be safe than sorry. The importance of a seat belt is that it can prevent fatal injuries during a collision. It might already be too late if you find yourself in an accident and you are not wearing your seat belt.  

If you see that something is amiss with your seat belt, you should not hesitate to get in touch with Safety Restore. Our seat belt repair shop can fix and repair any seat belts, so that you can go back on the road with confidence. Find a compatible service for your seatbelt problem now! 

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