Subaru Legacy Airbag Module Reset

Don’t forget to get your Subaru legacy airbag module reset

Are you one of those guys that hate dealing with salesmen at the dealership? Do you hate being pushed around the sales lot while some white-collar, salesman is eyeing you with dollar signs in his eyes? If that sounds like you, then you must dislike car shopping. If dealerships are out of the question for you but you need a car. Where do you go? How about the auction? You can buy a somewhat damaged car for a decent price and fix it up, good as new, without breaking the bank. You are good with your hands, and you know your way around a wrench, sounds like a salvage vehicle is a way to go. Now there are many salvage vehicles to choose from, so how do you know which one to buy? The best answer is to go with what you know. That way you are comfortable with what you are buying and you don’t feel like you made a terrible mistake. Let’s say you decide to buy a Subaru Legacy. They are very reliable, pretty inexpensive, and they look great too! You can find many Subaru’s with low miles that have minor damage from collisions on the road. Okay. So you bought your car, now it’s time to put in the work to repair this car to road-safe condition. If you were smart with your purchase, you picked a car that had minor damage either on the front or rear of the vehicle with no damage to the frame or engine block. Let’s say your car had frontal damage. Nothing serious, just a broken bumper, headlight, fender, and radiator. All these parts are easy to find and easy to replace. As you replace these parts, you notice that the airbag had gone off on the driver’s side. That also needs to be replaced. Airbags do cost some money, but they are very important to your safety so you decide to bite the bullet and replace it. As you are nearing the completion of your repair project, you decide to give your vehicle an operation check, to make sure it is running the way it is supposed to. Once you start the car you notice the airbag light is on. How is this possible? You had just replaced the airbag! You did. But you forgot your Subaru Legacy airbag module reset. This is a very important step in the restoration of your vehicle because without this module your whole SRS system will not work properly, even with new airbags. So where do you go to get your Subaru Legacy airbag module reset? You go to Safety Restore. The professionals at Safety Restore will reset your module within 24 hours and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They only use 100% OEM parts and offer a lifetime guarantee. Visit to learn more.

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