The Ford Expedition Recall: A Potentially Dangerous Seat Belt Problem

Ford produces a range of high-quality seat belts, from heavy-duty restraints used in off-road vehicles to easily attached models for children. The company recently announced a recall for one of its most popular SUVs, the Ford Expedition. However, that recall might affect your everyday driving habits. If you drive an Expedition, you may have a defective retractor.

The 2020 Ford Expedition Recall

Ford has officially declared a safety recall for the 2020 Ford Expedition, the first model produced with this SUV version. Drivers have noted that the front seat belts do not retract, leading some to believe that the SUV poses a safety risk. The Ford Expedition is so famous that the company expects the recall to touch 1.46 million vehicles.

The problem lies in the seat belt retractor itself. In this model of the Ford Expedition, the front right driver seat belt retractor experiences a safety-related condition. In the statement released by Ford, the company recognizes the risks of a faulty retractor. The company says that they’ve identified a total of twelve reports of issues with the belt, including one accident where a seat belt issue led to a crash.

The Recall Announcement

The Ford Expedition recall was announced in March and will affect an estimated 1.46 million vehicles. Ford has stated that the problem is contained in all FCEV models, including the base model, the FX2, and the top-of-the-line Platinum. The recall applies to two engine variants of the SUV, including the 2.7-liter V6 and the 3.5-liter V6.

The timing of the recall is particularly notable, as the 2020 Ford Expedition was just recently released to the public. While the recall might be concerning, a Ford spokesperson has emphasized the rarity of the issue, saying that less than one percent of vehicles recalled experience a problem and that the company believes their cars are safe to drive.

What Makes the Seat Belt Problem So Dangerous?

The main issue with the seat belts is that they do not retract. The strap remains in its extended position and is still attached to the seat, but it isn’t retracting. The belt also doesn’t need to be retracted to be used, making it particularly dangerous for drivers.

Ford’s press statement says that drivers should not attempt to fix it themselves and that dealerships should inspect the belts. If you happen to drive the 2020 Ford Expedition and you notice the seat belt not retracting, you must take your vehicle to the dealership as soon as possible.

Ford will be sending vehicles from affected owners to their dealerships to be replaced. The recall is expected to begin in late March 2019. Contact your dealer if you drive one of these SUVs daily and notice that your seat belt is not retracting.

What to Do with Your Recalled Ford Expedition

When you bring your vehicle to your dealer, they will replace your seat belt at no cost to you. All defective seatbelt material will also be replaced, and all affected drivers will be notified by mail. Your dealer will also answer any of your questions regarding the recall.


Ford is one of the oldest car companies globally, and its history of quality extends to its newest models. The SUV is the bestselling vehicle in the States, with over 1.5 million sold in 2018. This recall is the first safety-related problem for the company in a long time. If you drive the 2020 Ford Expedition and you notice your seat belt not retracting, take your vehicle to your dealer as soon as possible.

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  1. This happened to me with our 2019 expedition but yet ford won’t acknowledge this as a call back under the vin. You will be stuck with cost of repair until or if possibly future callback list you qualify under they will reimburse you. To me this is a safety/liability issue. I don’t care how much it cost to fix that’s not the problem, but my problem is what if it was one of my 5 children in the seat this randomly happens, or god forbid the backseats decide to go out with a bang. Either way glad nothing crazy happened. The expedition will be fixed and traded in within the week. That’s how my experience went with Fords Customer service department and crap dealership in my city hope this helps anybody.

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