Seat Belt Retractor Repair Services

Seat Belt Retractor Repair Services


What is a Seatbelt Retractor?

The seatbelt retractor is the mechanism that works with the seatbelt to retract or extend, respectively. This mechanism comes with a sprocket that has “teeth” to grab onto the seatbelt as needed. The retractor is responsible for making the seatbelt tight in necessary cases, such as when you push the breaks hard and don’t want a lot of giving in the seatbelt. This prevents you from moving to the side or forward to much in a collision, and in conjuncture with the seatbelt, it can save your life if you notice that the seatbelt does not retract properly when you unbuckle it and exit your vehicle. This is a telltale sign that the retractor is not working correctly and will need to be repaired.

Why Seat Belt Retractor Repair is Needed

The seat belt retractor will need to be repaired when it is not working properly as a safety measure. It is responsible for making sure that the seatbelt is tight to prevent you from having too much movement during a collision or if you slam on your breaks. If it is not working properly, this can mean potential injuries during these times. You will want to make sure that all seatbelts in your vehicle are working properly. This mechanism is also responsible for having to give when you need it, as to not limit your range of motion when the car is stopped or if you need to turn your head to see your blind spot in the car before turning or changing lanes.

When the Seat Belt Retractor Repair is Needed

Repairs will be needed on the seatbelt retractor if you notice that there is too much give, or if it is always pulled tight even when you move forward slowly. You can test out the mechanism yourself when you are not driving by seeing how much give there is when you attempt to retract the seatbelt, or by moving forward quickly to see if the mechanism prevents you from moving too close to the windshield. It is important to check the seat belt retractor regularly among all seat belts in your vehicle to ensure that they are working properly in the unfortunate event of a collision or if you need to come to a stop abruptly.


How Does the Repair Work?

During the repair process, the battery will be disconnected from your car to maintain a level of safety before the repair; at this point, the bracket bolt that is connected to the seatbelt and doorframe will be disconnected from the seatbelt in order to begin the repair. From here, the weatherstrip may be temporarily removed to reach the b-pillar cover. The seatbelt retractor will be removed to repair what is wrong. Once the repairs have been completed, the retractor mechanism and seatbelt will be re-installed into their components and will work as they should once more. This is generally done by a licensed mechanic; however, you can save hundreds of dollars by sending your seat belt to where it will be repaired and shipped back within 24 hours.

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