What Not To Do When You Are Involved In A Car Accident

What Not To Do When You Are Involved In A Car Accident

Car accidents happen every single day to millions of people. Therefore, the odds of you getting into an accident yourself at one point in time or another are pretty high. Of course, there is nothing good about getting into an accident. However, the situation can get much worse if not handled properly. Below is a list of things not to do if you are ever involved in a car crash.

First, you want to avoid reacting hysterically. Even if you are involved in a bad crash and see that your vehicle is badly damaged, acting hysterically will only worsen the situation. You should do everything in your power to act as calmly as possible. Once you have taken a few deep breaths, check to see if you are badly hurt, or if any of your passengers are. After that, check on the condition of the other car’s occupants. Acting hysterically will not help you in doing those necessary things.

Another thing you should avoid doing is leaving the scene. This should count as a no-brainer, yet many people still do this after they are involved in a crash—especially when they think the accident was their own fault. You should always stop your car after the accident, check on the other person involved, trade insurance information, and report it to the police. Otherwise, you’d be committing a crime.

You also shouldn’t forget to call 911. As already mentioned, it is always best to call law enforcement so that they can arrive on the scene, write a report of the event, and have it on file. This may prove very useful for you in the future for insurance purposes.

One last thing that you should avoid doing after an accident is prolonging repair on your vehicle, especially on important things like seat belt retractor repair. If a safety component, such as the seat belts, is damaged, you should get it repaired immediately. Holding off on something like seat belt retractor repair will only put you in further danger if you are involved in an accident once again. A great seat belt repair shop that performs quality and affordable seat belt retractor repair is Safety Restore. If you need this service or any other seat belt-related service in the future, simply visit safetyrestore.com

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Can seat belt retractors be repaired ?

Can seat belt retractors be repaired ?

This may be the first time you’re hearing this, but seat belt retractors certainly can be repaired. If you have a faulty seat belt retractor or one that is locked following deployment, that means that it will not work after this. This is because seat belts are only manufactured with one gas charge that goes off and locks the mechanism. However, you don’t have to go about buying a brand new seat belt, as most people think is necessary. If you get proper retractor repair, you can restore the unit back to factory settings. You can rest assured that it will truly function like new again and that your safety will not be compromised. Plus, you’ll be saving loads of money in the process! Dealerships charge hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for new seat belts.

A company that specializes in seat belt retractor repair is Safety Restore. To restore customers’ retractors to factory settings, the company makes sure to unlock the bolted seat belt, rebuild the mechanism, replace the gas charge, and install a new sensor. Because this work needs to be precise and accurate, only skilled seat belt engineers perform the repairs and they use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts to do so. For customers’ further peace of mind, Safety Restore always meets or exceeds FMVSS standards and is a BBB accredited company. If there is still any hesitation, customers can read through the vast amount of positive reviews the company has amassed throughout its years of service.

To get seat belt retractor repair, you’d simply need to log onto safetyrestore.com and pay the affordable $64.99 for the service. Then, you’d have to remove your faulty seat belt from your vehicle and ship it out to the company. It will only take the seat belt engineers 24 hours to repair your safety belts and they will immediately ship your package back out. An added bonus that you’ll be left with is a lifetime warranty guarantee! That, paired with the fast turnaround time and already great price is much more practical than purchasing brand new seat belts at the dealer!

Vehicle Winterizing & Seatbelt Retractor Repair

Seatbelt Retractor Repair
Safety Restore’s seat belt retractor repair is the best in the industry.

With winter season approaching, drivers need to begin thinking about winterizing their vehicles to deal with the onslaught of cold temperatures, black ice and, of course, snow! The winter is especially hard on vehicles, but by winterizing you vehicle, you can limit potential damage to your car and ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers. Follow these six steps to winterize your vehicle.

Check your battery: cold weather is brutal on a vehicle’s battery. Make sure your battery does not need to be replaced. You can have a mechanic check your battery. Even if your battery does not need to be replaced, a mechanic and clean up any corrosion on the connections and posts of it.

Maintain your windshield wipers and wiper fluid: Make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid and that your windshield wipers do not need to be replaced. You can also find windshield wiper fluid that has a lower freezing temperature. Malfunctioning or frayed windshield wipers should be replaced as soon as possible.

Get snow tires: if the roads you drive daily are snow covered on an on-going basis, you may consider getting snow tires, which provide more traction. With softer rubber than your typical all-season tires, these tires maintain flexibility in colder temperatures. They also have grooved patterns that can grip snow and ice. Whether you drive on all-season tires or snow tires, you should ensure proper tire pressure. Air pressure in tires drops in cold weather. Generally, 1psi is lost for every 10 degree drop in temperature.

Check your anti-freeze: make sure your anti-freeze and water mixture is at about 50:50 in order to hinder any coolant from freezing in your radiator. Auto stores typically carry inexpensive anti-freeze testers, which you can use to test the mixture yourself.

Use a thinner oil: you may consider switching to a thinner oil. Oil is used as a lubricant in your engine. During the winter season, cold temperatures result in thicker oil, which impacts lubrication ability. By switching to a thinner oil, you can keep the effectiveness of the oil.

Maintain your vehicle’s safety: if you need maintenance on your car, including seat belt retractor repair, be sure to do it before the winter time. Maintaining safety is always important, but especially so when driving on slick roads in the winter season. If your seat belt is not retracting the way it used to, you may need seat belt retractor repair. Luckily, Safety Restore offers seat belt retractor repair that is fast, easy, and affordable. Simply detach your seat belts and mail them to Safety Restore. Safety Restore will take care of your seat belt retractor repair within 24 hours of receiving them. Not only will your seat belt retractor repair improve the look of your car, but you will be safe for the upcoming winter months. Do not wait for an accident – contact Safety Restore about seat belt retractor repair today!

Distracted Driving & Seat Belt Retractor Repairs

Seat Belt Retractor Repair Services
SafetyRestore’s Seat Belt Retractor Repair Service

While technology continues to add more and more safety features of vehicles, distracted driving seems to undue any progress when it comes to safety on the road. In 2016, 37,461 vehicle occupants died as the result of an accident in the United States. Tragically, this number it 5.6% higher than the number of fatalities in 2015.  While there are awareness campaigns to end distracted driving, it continues to be an epidemic today that leads to life altering consequences and death.

Experts suggest that the reason traffic deaths are so high is multifaceted. Likely, traffic deaths are caused by distracted driving coupled with the fact that Americans are driving more an ever, which counteract the advantages of any safety systems.  Studies show that about 25% of all driving deaths are related to distracted driving. In teens, distracted driving accounts for over 58% of driving fatalities. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death in teens, and teens show the highest rate of distracted driving. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, nine fatalities occur daily due to distracted driving.  The epidemic of distracted driving ruins lives by resulting in death or serious injury, but is completely preventable.

It is more important than ever to follow basic vehicular safety protocols. This includes having a functioning seat belt for you and your passengers.  If your seat belt retractor is not working properly, Safety Restore can help with seat belt retractor repair.  Every seat belt has a retractor component, which keeps the seat belt snug against your body but also locks on impact.  Seat belt retractor repair is necessary after an accident, since the seat belt will lock or be blown, causing it not to work properly.  Often, the seat belt retractor repair service is necessary on cars purchased from an auction. If you seat belt retractor has locked up, seatbelt retractor repair is essential as seat belts often make the difference between life and death.  Safety Restore only uses 100% OEM products on its seat belt retractor repair services, and offers a 24 hour turnaround period.  We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your seat belt retractor repair that we also offer a lifetime warranty!