5 Good Reasons to Wear Your Seat Belt

No matter what advanced safety features modern cars might have, no one can still deny that seat belts are still the most effective device when it comes to preventing serious injuries during an accident. It’s a good thing that more and more people are realizing this and buckling up every time that they get in their car. In Mississippi, for example, 83% of drivers and passengers wear seat belts.

If you are still on the fence about wearing seat belts, knowing about the advantages of wearing them at all times should convince you that you shouldn’t forget to buckle up. Seat belt repair experts, Safety Restore, share those advantages in this post:

What Are the Advantages of Wearing a Seat Belt?

There are a number of reasons drivers and passengers should wear seat belts at all times. Here are some of the most important ones:

It Keeps You Secure in Your Position

If you suddenly find your vehicle skidding or spinning, you don’t want to be out of your seat to take back control of your car. A seat belt will hold you in the best position to take action immediately. Those who are not wearing seatbelts are more likely to get in a crash because they couldn’t control their cars better.

It Helps You Avoid Getting Ejected

Based on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s reports, fatalities happen more in accidents wherein the driver or the passenger is ejected from the car. Your seat belt ensures that you stay inside the car and increases your chances of surviving a collision.

It Effectively Distributes the Force of the Impact

Your shoulder belt and lap belt will ensure that the impact is distributed over some of the strongest parts of the body. That means if a crash happens, it will be less likely that you’ll suffer an impact on your chest, head, or abdomen.

It Helps Your Body Match the Car’s Speed

If you are the driver and you are not buckled up, your body will still be moving at the same speed as the car even after the impact. Depending on how you crashed, it’s possible that you’ll hit the steering wheel, the side window, or the dashboard – that is, unless you wear a seat belt. If you are buckled up, you’ll be secured to your seat, and your body also slows down once the car suddenly halts.

It Helps Protect Your Spine and Your Brain

Some of the most fatal injuries are that of the brain and the spine. Brain injury can be as easy to resolve as a minor concussion to something fatal like a coup-contrecoup or a diffuse axonal injury. An injury to the spinal cord can also be disastrous. You can suffer partial or complete loss of motor function.


A seat belt may be the thing that saves your life if you ever find yourself in an accident. Even if your car has a lot of new and excellent safety features, you should never forget to wear your seat belt repair. Also, if you have a faulty one, make sure to take it to a professional immediately to get a seat belt repair done.

Don’t be a part of the demographic of people who are killed or seriously injured because they neglect to wear their seat belt. While no one wants to think about being in a collision, it’s best to increase your chances of coming out of one unscathed. If something as easy as buckling up can help you achieve that, why wouldn’t you do it?

Safety Restore is here to provide you with services like seat belt replacement or repair in Westfield, MA. We also handle other post-accident restorations. Contact us today to find out how we can make your vehicle safer again!

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