faulty airbag warning light

Faulty Airbag Warning Light? Here’s How You Can Fix It

For many drivers, nothing can set the heart rate up than seeing sudden warning lights flash on when they shouldn’t be. Some may not induce such an effect as others, but not the airbag light. So, how do you fix it without risking the bag to blow up your face? Keep on reading, and we’ll show you the steps!

Important Points to Understand

First of all, if you are not confident in your ability to do an airbag module reset, it might be better to have a professional working on it instead. If you think you’re up for the challenge of resetting an airbag module, remember to take extreme caution and be careful with your actions.

A General Look at an Airbag System

Your car’s airbag system is made up of a few parts: the airbag itself, a module, and some sensors to help it work properly. These sensors are critical for safety, but they can wear out, malfunction, and get broken over time.

In the passenger seat, some sensors depend on the weight to function correctly. This design is a safety precaution to limit airbag use for adults and avoid hurting kids and babies. However, seats are usually adjusted forward and back depending on the passenger. As such, the constant movement might stretch or fray the wiring, and in worst-case scenarios, the wires might get completely disconnected.

But how do you know if it’s working correctly? Check the Passenger Airbag Off light. When a passenger is seated, the light should turn off. Without a passenger, it should be illuminated. If the light doesn’t turn on at all, or vice versa, it will then be time to troubleshoot possible problems.

How to Repair Your Airbag Light

The first thing you should do is to peek at the wiring system and check if there might be a wire that got disconnected or frayed. If you found one, you can start your repairs there.

If there are no problems with the airbag wires, you can decide to install a new pad onto the seat to ensure it works well. On the other hand, you can purchase a plug-and-play kit as an alternative solution. This method just requires you to disconnect a yellow connector from under the seat and link the plug-and-play kit that way.

Another issue that you might have with your airbag is the clock spring. The clock spring refers to the electrical connection beneath the steering wheel. If the problem arises from this area, you need to remove the steering wheel and install a new clock spring.

If you’re going this route, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the negative battery cable and wait until the capacitors get discharged.
  2. Point your wheels straight and ensure your steering wheel goes the same way.
  3. Pull the airbag close and remove the connecting wires so that you can remove the airbag.
  4. Turn the steering wheel until you can access the screws. Lock the steering wheel and loosen the nut without removing them altogether.
  5. Once you can get the wheel removed, you can remove the old clock spring.
  6. Install the new clock spring and work meticulously to bring everything back to the rightful place.


At this point, you now know several common errors you might encounter with your car’s airbag light system. Although there are more beyond the two examples we’ve shared, you now have a better foundation on understanding the subject. If you are not exceptionally skilled in this part of vehicle maintenance, your best bet is to have an expert handle things for you.

Safety Restore offers airbag module reset in Westfield, MA, and related services by using 100% OEM parts for best results. Contact us today to discuss the repairs you need for your vehicle, and let’s see how our team of experts can help you!

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