Seat Belt Latch Repair


Seat Belt Latch Repair
We offer seatbelt latch repair services nationwide with our mail-in order services.

Seat belt latch repair needed? Head out to none other than Safety Restore! 

Safety Restore can do it all when it comes to seat belts and SRS airbag modules! Whereas other companies only have a slim range of expertise and solely repair single-stage seat belts, this is not the case with Safety Restore! Safety Restore can  reset SRS airbag module systems to factory condition and do all types of repairs on a single stage, dual-stage, and even triple-stage seat belts–seat belt latch repair included! They even offer seat belt webbing replacement in a color match option or a custom option with various colors such as Ferrari Red, Neon Green, Hot Pink, Illuminating Yellow, and Cobalt Blue to choose from! 

You can rest assured that with the range of services provided by Safety Restore, your safety, as well as the quality of work, will not be compromised! The high positive review count that they have amassed throughout their years of service proves it. The company employs only highly trained and experienced engineers. All repairs meet or exceed FMVSS standards. The company ensures that the work is also completed using industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. All makes and models of vehicles are welcomed as well as customers from all over the country. No matter the location items are being shipped in from for repair, a 24-hour turnaround can be expected, as well as a lifetime warranty to back the service up. The prices are very agreeable too. Seat belt latch repair only costs $64.99 and is much more affordable than heading to a local dealer. 

Safety Restore makes all services, such as getting seat belt latch repair, easy for its customers. First, customers simply need to visit the company’s website,, select the service they are interested in and pre-pay for it. Then, all they have to do is remove the unit from their vehicle, box it up, and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA, using any preferred carrier. Once the seat belt masters receive the package, in just 24 hours, they complete all necessary repairs and ship out the package to the customer!

By just a few clicks of a button and a few days wait, you can have a seat belt latch repair completed and be driving safely on the road again! No emptying out of your wallet or adding to your credit card debt needed! Head on over to Safety Restore today! 

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