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Importance of Seatbelts: Helpful Stats You Should Be Aware Of

A car has various features to keep its passengers safe at all times. One of these features is the seatbelt, which has saved lives countless times. However, many people take for granted the significance of seatbelts that they often forget to use them. You should be aware that the moment you disregard and do not wear the seatbelt while on the road, you are putting your life in danger.

Before wearing the seatbelt, make sure it is working properly. When you notice that the seatbelt is not working correctly, have it repaired immediately.

Statistics to Remind Everyone about Seatbelt’s Importance

The following are some of the remarkable statistics that will serve as a refresher on why everyone should buckle up.

  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among individuals aged 44 and below.
  • At least 1 out of 5 drivers will be involved in a road or traffic crash.
  • In every 100 children who died in automobile accidents, 80 of them would have survived if they were wearing an approved safety belt for children.
  • Vehicular accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord and head injury.
  • Seatbelts aid in reducing the number of severe and fatal injuries by 50%; they also reduce deaths by 60-70%.
  • Sadly, 35,000 individuals die from car accidents annually; 50% of them would’ve been still alive if they were wearing seatbelts during the accident.
  • Motorists are 25 times more at risk of sustaining serious injuries or die in a crash when they are ‘thrown’ outside the car compared to when they have remained inside.
  • 75% of crashes often occur 25 miles from home, a reminder to ensure that you should fasten your seatbelts the moment you get inside the car.
  • For every 1% increase in safety belt use, 172 lives could be saved, and $100 million in annual death and injury costs could be saved.
  • Seatbelts are considered the most effective defense against unpredictable actions and behavior, like from intoxicated drivers.
  • A common cause of children’s injury and death is being crushed between parents who are not wearing seatbelts.
  • 80% of the children’s injuries in car accidents are on the head, which often leads to disfigurement, epilepsy, brain damage, and death.

The statistics listed above are just some of the facts that show how beneficial it is to always buckle up while inside the car.

As we all know, accidents on the road can be unpredictable; they can occur anytime and anywhere. Sadly, some of these accidents happened a few miles from home, even at low speed. The lives of the driver and passengers could’ve been saved if they are wearing their seatbelts.

Another important thing to consider is to ensure that your seatbelt is always working properly. Its parts should always be in good condition. Furthermore, if you have been recently involved in a road accident, it is recommended to have your seat belts repaired immediately. This will ensure your safety and your loved ones’.


Seatbelts save lives. It is a fact, and no one should disregard it. Various studies, stats, and facts prove how important it is for motorists to wear their seatbelts. Proper maintenance and top-notch repairs are needed to keep your seatbelts in good quality.

When it comes to seatbelt replacement and repairs, it’s always worth contacting an expert. Safety Restore provides quality repair and replacement services in Westfield, MA. Contact us today for more details!

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