Hyundai Sonata Airbag Light Reset

Don’t wait to get your Hyundai Sonata Airbag light reset

Has your Hyundai been in an accident, causing your airbags to deploy? Is the airbag light lit on the dashboard? Did you buy a salvage car and in need of a seat airbag repair? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in need to have your airbag light or module repaired or reset.

An airbag module is the brains of your cars Supplemental Restraint System, also known as the SRS. It uses the sensors in your Hyundai to determine what action is necessary when your vehicle has been in an accident or collision. There are a few reasons why the airbag light may come on. It may indicate that there is a problem with your seat belts. Another issue could be water damage to the sensors. The SRS light can also light up if the vehicle has been in an accident recently.

If someone jerks on a seat belt or if the Hyundai breaks suddenly, the airbag module determines that the seat belts need to lock and tighten. This helps keep the individual firmly in your seat. In this scenario, the airbag did not need to deploy. The seatbelts provided enough safety. However, when an accident like a head-on collision occurs, the module senses that both the seat belts need to tighten and the airbags need to deploy to keep the driver as well as the passengers safe. If your airbags have deployed, you will need to get a Hyundai Sonata Airbag light reset or repair service. You want to make sure your airbags, seatbelts, and all other parts of your Hyundais SRS will work properly if an accident occurs.

A dealer is likely to tell you that you need to get a new airbag module, which can cost you upwards of $1,000. Whether you get a used or new module, it will need to get re-programmed to your vehicles VIN. This can be part of a lengthy, difficult, and costly process.

Instead, you can just have your Hyundai Sonata Airbag light reset or module repair for a fraction of the cost at Safety Restore. If you still decide to get a new or used airbag module to replace your vehicle’s current module, Safety Restore can also handle the reprogramming of the module. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all their services, and have a 24 hour turnaround time, getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

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  1. my 2013 Hyundai Sonata airbag warning light came on, and now I must check to find out why? I will test the seatbelts, and also ask a mechanic, about the codes, if I can reset it?
    thank you,
    owner of Sonata 2013

    1. Hey Sylvia! 👋 If your vehicle was in an accident, it’s very likely you’ll need your SRS Airbag Module cleared [of any existing crash data], and one or more blown Seat Belt(s) repaired.

      Contact us via call, text, or email…and we’ll assist you from there!

      Call: 855.552.7233
      Text: 413.564.1242

  2. Yes my airbag light is on my 2011 Hyundai sonata and how do you check to see if it’s the seat belts

    1. Hey Duane! You can utilize an OBD Scanner tool, which may help detect the any possible issues in your vehicle. Visit our article “OBD Airbag Scanner” for more information:,repair%20is%20needed%20show%20up.

      If you’d like to contact us for further assistance, feel free to reach out via call, text, or email!

      Call: 855.552.7233
      Text: 413.564.1242

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