7 Easy Ways to Ensure Proper Wearing of Your Seat Belt

Seat belts are one of the main safety tools inside a car for both the driver and passengers. They prevent any risks to the people inside the vehicle in the event of an accident. Danger and trips to the hospital can be avoided when you wear a seat belt while inside any vehicle.

However, it isn’t enough to just know there is one. Everyone should know how to use a seat belt to optimize security when inside an automobile. Here are some steps you want to consider when you get in your seat for a casual road trip. 

  •  Scan Your Seat Belt 

Seat belts help restrain the body when the vehicle hits something. However, it won’t be able to be of any use if it isn’t latching on and functioning correctly. Check your seat belt for any issues and notify the car owner if there’s a problem with it.

  • Test the Seat Belt Lock

Sometimes, you can pull the seat belt with ease, put it over your body, and buckle it to your chair. Don’t forget to test if the seat belt lock is working correctly, though. Tug on the belt a couple of times to make sure it doesn’t come apart and try pressing the release button.

  • Straighten the Strap

Younger passengers can tend to twist the seat belts when wearing them. However, tangled seat belts don’t bode well for safety. Remove the knots in the strap, so you’re able to position it optimally on your body.

  • Be Mindful of Your Sitting Position

A low slouching position isn’t good when you’re in the car, whether it’s in the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat. Save that resting position when you’re out of the car and fix your sitting position. Set the back of your chair at a straighter angle and relax as you put on the seat belt.

  • Account for Your Shoulder

No matter your height, make sure to wear the seat belt on the shoulder. Putting the belt on the neck or armpits will not stabilize your upper body. If the vehicle suddenly stops or thrusts forward, there’s nothing that will prevent you from lurching as a response.

  • Do Not Wear It Over the Stomach

The seat belt shouldn’t go over the stomach from the shoulder like most people tend to do. Position the seat belt diagonally and leave it below the hips to secure your lower body in case of an accident.

  • Give Extra Care to Pregnant Women

Soon-to-be mothers may have to travel to get to appointments and shop for some necessities. The seatbelt should go over the breast and the lower part of the stomach. There are specially-designed seat belts families can purchase to secure the thighs and free up the stomach if a woman is expecting soon. 


Hopefully, these tips can help you feel a little better about your well-being on your next drive. Be an example to the young ones and put on your seatbelt the right way. You can avoid accidents and injuries with ease while being the epitome of safety. 

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