Odometer Repair

Odometer Repair Services

Are you looking to get your odometer repaired? Look no further than Safety Restore. There are many companies that can perform odometer repairs, but none compare to the quality—and prices—of Safety Restore!

Safety Restore charges only $118.99 for an odometer repair, and their quality is unmatched. The repair work is completed only by highly skilled engineers who use industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Not only that, but FMVSS standards are also always met or exceeded by the company. To satisfy customers even more, Safety Restore makes sure to complete all orders in fast turnaround time. It takes the engineers only 24 hours or less to complete all orders, regardless of volume or difficulty. Furthermore, a lifetime warranty is guaranteed to all customers.

When getting your odometer repaired at Safety Restore, you can expect any gauge-related issues to be fixed. That includes the speedometer gauge, tech gauge, gas/fuel gauge, battery gauge, oil gauge, and transmission temperature gauge. Your instrument cluster will be repaired back to its factory settings!

To get your odometer repaired at Safety Restore, the process is relatively easy. You need to remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle, ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA, and then wait for the company to perform the repairs. The removal process of the instrument cluster is not complicated at all. To start, you need to engage your emergency brake. Next, you can remove the plastic trim that surrounds the group. Once that is done, you will need to tilt down the steering wheel and engage your shifter into first gear. After that, remove the trim by pulling it out and remove the 4x screws holding the cluster. When all of that is completed, you can finally pull out the cluster and disconnect the wiring. It sounds like plenty of steps, but really should only take you a few minutes to do.

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  1. i need the odometer repaired on a 1996 ford crown vic, speedo works and gauges work but no odometer. looking for an address/shipping and cost.

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