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Cadillac Series 63 Seat Belt
The Cadillac Series 63 was very similar to the Series 61. It was available as a sedan only and rode on the same wheelbase. Total production of the Series 63 was around 4,000 by the start of the Second World War, but total sales of the Series 63 were 5,030 in 1941. Sadly, the decision was made to drop the LaSalle for the 1941 year, at least three wood and metal mockups had been made for potential LaSalle models. LaSalle was an American brand of luxury cars manufactured and marketed by the GM Cadillac division from 1927 through 1940. The first one was based on the notchback GM C platform which ended up being shared by many vehicles. The second was based on the fastback GM B platform which ended up being shared by other vehicles. And the third was a modified notchback design, derived from the fastback B-body, but described as "A-body-like", that ended up being used only by the Cadillac Series 63. Any or all of these had the potential of ending up being part of the next LaSalle line.

This vehicle is a piece of history and artwork, and it would be an honor for anyone to own. This vehicle has so many connections to the Second World War II that anyone who is a history buff would love to own the Series 63. However, this vehicle is definitely amazing to have, it wouldn’t be so amazing to drive around on our modern roads. One of the main safety features that it did not have was seat belts. Seat belts are there to protect you from a car accident and are there to protect you from jolting around the vehicle. If you own a vehicle that does provide seat belts and you are in need of a seat belt repair, then Contact Safety Restore. Safety Restore has many options for you, they offer seat belt buckle repairs, pretensioner repairs, tensioner repairs, seat belt webbing repairs, and so much more.

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