Cadillac Model D Seat Belt
The Cadillac Model D is considered an American brass age car that was produced by Cadillac in January in the year 1905 and sold throughout that year. It was one of the larger automobiles than the previous Cadillac offered, and their first four-cylinder production model. It cost customers $2800 because it can be seen as the first luxury car for the company.  The engine was a 4.9 L four-cylinder L-head design producing about 30 hp. The car used a very interesting and complicated 3-speed planetary transmission and had governed throttle, in other words, a primitive cruise control. Furthermore, the engine was designed by Alanson P. Brush, who left Cadillac’s company shortly afterward. The Cadillac Model D was in production for only a short year until it was replaced.

These were absolutely stunning vehicles, and very luxurious. If you own one of these vehicles it is like owning a piece of history in your own driveway. However, these vehicles are not the best to drive in modern times, because they don’t have the safety components that you need to keep everyone in the vehicle safe. For example, they didn't have seat belts because seat belts only became popular in the 1960’s. However, if you do own a vehicle with seat belts, and they are worn out, or torn it is best for you to get a seat belt repair. Safety Restore can help with all your needs, they even offer dog chewed seat belt repair services, and seat belt repair after an accident repair services.

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