Cadillac Model C Seat Belt
The Cadillac Model C was quite an interesting vehicle. It had a short-wheelbase intended to replace the older Models A and B for the summer of the year 1905. It shared a lot of the Model B chassis components, but however used the hood and radiator of the Cadillac Model F. Unlike the Model F the tonneau was detachable. Riding on a 72 in wheelbase, the Model C was available as either a runabout, which cost customers $750 or touring car, that cost customers $850, with a detachable rear-entrance tonneau and optional surrey top. The lightweight runabout weighed just 1,330 lb, 120 pounds less than the touring model. Production for the Modell C only lasted one year.

The Cadillac Model C shared many things with the older Models, it also shared the lack of safety features on the vehicle. One of the main safety features that it did not have was seat belts. Seat belts are now mandatory in all vehicles, and are not there as an accessory but there to protect you in case of an accident. If you do own a vehicle and you notice that you are in need of a seat belt repair, make you look into a company like Safety Restore. Safety Restore has three different stage seat belt service options that will be perfect for your type of vehicle. They also provide you the option on if you want your seat belt webbing color matched or if you want a custom color. Safety Restore has many options for you to have a safe and enjoyable ride.

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