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“have had alot of seatbelts restored with safety restore, great turnaround time and great work!”

- John O. (Jan 6, 2019)

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Cadillac Commercial Chassis Seat Belt
Cadillac Commercial Chassis was intended to carry the extra weight of the bodywork, rear deck and cargo area of funeral coaches and ambulances. This vehicle was specifically designed for professional car use. Many Cadillac funeral coaches were usually based on its commercial chassis, but some coachbuilders offered models constructed from modified Cadillac sedans. For 1977, Cadillac downsized a lot of the commercial chassis along with increasing its cost. Custom coachbuilders tried to design new bodies quickly for the smaller chassis, and both production and sales dropped dramatically as prices increased. The downsizing of the Cadillac Commercial Chassis had a very bad effect on the American funeral car and ambulance industry, as sales of the much smaller, but much more expensive Cadillac funeral cars fell dramatically and one by one, the old established firms who built these cars either quit or were sold off and reorganized.

These vehicles had to be maintained at all times, especially their safety components, not only keeping the driver safe but everything they were transporting. One of the main components are your seat belts, you never want them torn, ripped, or frayed because they will not work properly. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in seat belt restoration and they offer single-stage, dual-stage, and triple-stage seat belt repair. Furthermore, if your Cadillac Commercial Chassis has torn seat belt webbing they can either replace your webbing with a color match or with a custom color of your choice. Safety Restore has everything you need to drive safely on the road.

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