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Cadillac 452 C Seat Belt
Cadillac continued to offer customers the V16 model in 1933 as it was renamed the Cadillac 452-C. However, Cadillac said there would be a limited production of 400 units, but unfortunately only sold about 125 cars. These were typically known by their 3-bar bumpers and lined radiator without a chrome shroud. The Cadillac 453 C also had a 3-speed manual transmission. It featured fully skirted, flowing fenders and a graceful 'wind split' feed grille, which showed off a painted shell that blended in perfectly with the bodywork. It was also known that each V16 had a nameplate mounted on the dash honoring the owner.

There were lots of pros to this vehicle, and also some cons. There was one thing that it was lacking, and that was safety components. One of the safety equipment that it did not have was seat belts. Seat belts are very important to keep you and your passengers safe in case of an accident or a collision. If you do own a vehicle with torn, frayed, or ripped seat belts then its time to get a repair. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in not only seat belt repair but also seat belt buckle repairs. They offer dog chewed seat belt repairs, and seat belt repairs after an accident services. They even offer seat belt webbing repair and use only 100% OEM parts on all of their repairs

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