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Ford Figo Seat Belt
The Ford Figo, based off of the Mark V European Ford Fiesta hatchback, is a subcompact hatchback that Ford India has produced since the year 2010. Other developing countries including South Africa and Mexico have also sold this vehicle since 2010.

The first generation Figo (a 5-speed manual) was sold between 2010 and 2015 and was quite successful in sales. After being present on the market for less than 4 years, 300,000 units were sold! The vehicle also won several automotive industry awards in India. As a matter of fact, the 20 awards it was honored within 2010 are more than any other car received in that year in India. The vehicle was even chosen as the 2011 Indian Car of the Year by a board of top car magazine editors and a runner up of the 2011 South African Car of the Year.

The second-generation model began sales in 2015 and is still in production to this day.

Interestingly, there was some serious marketing controversy surrounding the Figo at one point. Basically, a series of print ads for the vehicle were created depicting caricatures of several well-known celebrities—and even a former Italian Prime Minister—in less-than desirable positions. Ford Motor Company did not approve the print ads and, as a result of the incident, several people involved in the ads were lad off from their positions.

If you own a Ford Figo and notice that your seat belts are not working the way they should be, you should replace your belts or consider getting Ford Figo seat belt repair. The latter option is much more affordable, especially if you turn to the company Safety Restore. Although the price for Ford Figo seat belt repair is very affordable there, the quality is unmatched.

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