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Ford Escape Seat Belt
If you are looking for a safe and reliable compact SUV that not only performs well but also looks good from the exterior and the interior, the Ford Escape may be just right for you.

To provide a little history on the vehicle, Ford sold the Ford Escape since the year 2000. Development and introduction of the original model by Ford was done jointly with Mazda of Japan—who took charge in the engineering of the two vehicles and sold its version as the Mazda Tribute.

The Ford Escape is engineered with 5 seats, a front-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive drivetrain, and 168-245 horsepower. Some other favorable qualities of the Ford Escape are its nimble handing, lively engine choices, and its cargo capacity—which is above that of an average vehicle. The engines and handling make it more enjoyable to drive than most other small crossover vehicles. The powertrain options of the Ford Escape range from efficient hybrid to sporty performance.

Although the Ford Escape offers all of these awesome qualities mentioned above, it still can experience some downfalls—as any vehicle can. For instance, after prolonged use, the seat belts may become torn or frayed or they can get locked up after an accident. If you end up purchasing a Ford Escape and find that seat belt tensioner repair, seat belt webbing replacement, or seat belt retractor repair is needed down the road, do not fret. There is a company called Safety Restore that can help you with any seat belt repairs your vehicle needs.

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