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Ford Courier Seat Belt
The Ford Courier has been used in a plethora of different vehicles produced by Ford Motor Company between 1952 and 2013. The Production years of the Ford Courier began in 1952 until 1960 and started up again in 1971 until 2013. The vehicle is intended to go back to production in the year 2021.

The first Ford Couriers, introduced in 1952 and on the market until 1960, were sedan delivery vans. They were derived from Ford’s United States conventional passenger vehicle range of those model years.  These sedan delivery vans had a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. An interesting thing about these vehicles was the rear storage area. Access to it was through a distinctive door hinged on the side of the vehicle. This design changed in the following years.

As already mentioned, Ford Motor Company plans on reintroducing the Ford Courier to the automotive market in 2021. In August of 2018, Ford had filed a trademark application for the name “Courier”. The new Ford Courier is expected to be based off the next-generation Ford Focus platform and will have a one-body design.

If you own a Ford Courier yourself, regardless of which one, you should be doing your best to perform regular maintenance checks on it to ensure that it will be serving you for many more years to come. One important thing to make sure not to forget about is the seat belts. Oftentimes, people neglect this safety component and put off Ford Courier seat belt repair. If you notice any fraying or damage on your seat belts, get Ford Courier seat belt repair immediately. A great company that you can turn to for this service and expect quality repairs from is Safety Restore.

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