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Ford Country Squire Seat Belt
Related to the Ford LTD, the Ford LTD Crown Victoria, the Ford Galaxie, and the Mercury Colony Park, the Ford Country Squire is a succession of full-size station wagons that Ford Motor Company assembled for the 1950 to 1991 model years. The vehicle was created in two different body styles—a 2-door station wagon and a 4-door station wagon.

The Ford Country Squire was considered to be the top-of-the-line station wagon produced by Ford Motor Company and was most notable for its external wood grain trim. Seven generations of the vehicle ended up being produced over the course of its lifetime. Overall, the production run of the vehicle ended up being the third-longest in the history of Ford of North America, lasting a total of 41 years! Sales of the Ford Country Squire only stopped when the demand for full-size station wagons dropped and the public began to become more intrigued by minivans. In 1992, the Ford Crown Victoria took the place of the Ford Country Squire.

Anyone with an older vehicle like a Ford Country Squire should be prepared for faults and signs of wear and tear that can show up in such a vehicle. The seat belts, for instance, can get quite worn after a lifetime of use. If you own a Ford Country Squire and see that Ford Country Squire seat belt repair is inevitable, turn to the company Safety Restore. Rather than having to purchase brand new belts at the dealer, this company can repair your original ones back to factory settings at a very affordable price point.

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