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Ford Country Sedan Seat Belt
The Ford Country Sedan is considered to be a full-size station wagon that can fit up to 9 passengers in total. Ford Motor Company marketed and produced this vehicle from the year 1952 until 1974.

When built, the structure of the vehicle was largely based off of the Ford full-size car line every single year. It was made to be the mid-trim station wagon in the Ford Range. Its differentiation from the Ford Country Squire is that it features plain body sides.

From 1952 to 1954, the Ford Country Sedan took inspiration from the Ford Customline. During the 1960s and 1970s, the inspiration behind the Country Sedan came from the Ford Galaxie and the Ford Galaxie 500, specifically in trim components. From 1972 until 1974, the Country Sedan was marketed as the Galaxie 500 Country Sedan, and as the “LTD wagon” in 1975. By this point in time, it came to have an identical trim level to the Country Squire—aside from not having simulated wood paneling on the exterior.

An interesting thing about the Ford Country Sedan is that it adapted something called the “Magic Door Gate” in 1966, which basically let the tailgate of the vehicle work as a traditional tailgate that could be lowered or a door that opened outward for easier entry to the seats.

If you own a Ford Country Sedan and have been having seat belt problems for a while now, don’t let them stop you from enjoying your vehicle. All you should do is turn to the company Safety Restore and its Ford Country Sedan seat belt repair service. After getting the Ford Country Sedan seat belt repair service there, your seat belts will be restored to the way they were when first placed into the vehicle all those years back!

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