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Ford Consul Seat Belt
Ford of Britain produced the Ford Consul between the years 1951 and 1962. Ford of Britain and Ford of Germany also manufactured this vehicle between 1972 and 1975.

The first Ford Consul was displayed at the London Motor Show of 1950. This vehicle marked the beginning of Ford UK's successful interpretation of the family saloon car. Along with its partner—the Ford Zephyr—the Ford Consul was the first Ford of Britain to have a modern single-body construction.

From the year 1951 until 1962, the Ford Consul was the 4-cylinder base model of the three-model Ford Zephyr range, which was made up of the Consul, the Zephyr, and the Zephyr Zodiac. The line was restyled in the year 1956.

The Ford consul has been displayed in popular culture several times. First off, a white Mk. II Consul convertible was depicted on the cover of Chas & Dave’s album, “Don’t Give a Monkey’s…” that was sold in 1979. Another representation of the Ford Consul in popular culture happened to be of the low-line Mk. II Consul, which appeared on the 1994 cover of Ash’s single, “Petrol”.

Although the Consul Classic, the Consul Capri, and the Consul Corsair were not as great of a success as they were intended to be, their successor—the Ford Cortina—went on to become a top-seller model.

If you own a Ford Consul, it is likely that you intend to keep it running for as long as possible. One thing that will allow you to do that is to perform regular maintenance on the vehicle to ensure that it is in tip-top shape. For instance, if the seat belts are worn out or experiencing issues, you should get Ford Consul seat belt repair immediately. A quality seat belt repair shop that you can turn to for Ford Consul seat belt repair is Safety Restore.

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