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Ford Capri Seat Belt
The Ford Capri is a fastback coupe that was manufactured by Ford Europe between November 1968 and December 1986 and Ford Australia between 1989 and 1994. When production of the Capri ceased, the Ford Probe and the Ford Puma were the successors.

The man who designed the Ford Capri, Philip T. Clark, was also one of the leading designers of the Ford Mustang. As a matter of fact, the Ford Capri was meant to be a European equivalent of the Ford Mustang, while utilizing mechanical components from the Mk2 Ford Cortina.

The Ford Capri proved to be very successful and was able to sell almost 2 million units in its lifespan. Ford marketed the vehicle as “Ford Capri—The Car You Always Promised Yourself” and evidently that helped in reeling in a ton of buyers.

The Ford Capri utilized a wide variety of engines throughout its years of production. The first Ford Capri—The Ford Capri Mk I—alone used 13 different engines, including the 1.3 L Kent I4, the 1.3 L Taunus V4, the 1.5 L Taunus V4, the 1.6 L Kent I4, the 1.7 L Taunus V4, the 2.0 L Cologne V6, the 2.0 L Essex V4, the 2.0 L Pinto I4, the 2.3 L Cologne V6, the 2.6 L Cologne V6, the 3.0 L Essex V6, the 3.1 L Essex V6, and the 5.0 L Windsor V8.

The price of a Ford Capri today ranges depending on its year and condition, but averages at a few thousand dollars. If you own a Ford Capri, you should be doing all that you can to preserve the life of the vehicle. One important thing you should not miss is getting Ford Capri seat belt repair whenever it is needed. Not only will this preserve the look of your vehicle, but it will also keep you safe on the road. A great company to turn to for Ford Capri seat belt repair services is Safety Restore.

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