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Ford Anglia Seat Belt
The Ford Anglia is a small compact car that was introduced to the automotive market by Ford of Britain in 1939. From 1940 to 1945, Australia began production of the vehicle as well. It stayed in production until the year 1967, when the Ford Escort succeeded it. Before the Ford Escort replaced it, more than 1.5 million vehicles of this model were produced.

The first Ford Anglia model was the Ford Anglia E04A. The models that followed were the Anglia A54A, the Anglia E494A, the Anglia A494A, the Anglia 100E, the Anglia 105E, the Anglia Torino 105E, and the Anglia Super 123E. The Anglia E04A was produced in the years 1939 to 1948 in both the United Kingdom and Australia. This model was offered in a few different body styles, including a 2-door saloon, a 2-door roadster, and a 2-door tourer. The Ford Anglia E04A was the smallest model in the United Kingdom Ford range. The vehicle was very simple in nature, had very few features, and targeted the cheap end of the automotive market. A majority of the Ford Anglia vehicles on the market were painted black.

An interesting thing about the Ford Anglia is that it has been depicted in popular culture several times. The vehicle was showcased in BBC Television’s well-known “Z-Cars” serial, on the 1980s TV-am series “Rat on the Road”, in the TV series “The Young Ones”, and in J.K. Rowling’s film, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”.

If you own this classic Ford today, you are probably taking good care of it already. However, even components that are taken care of can experience wear and tear over time. The seat belts, for instance, in a Ford Anglia can become frayed or worn out and require Ford Anglia seat belt repair. A great company to turn to if you need Ford Anglia seat belt repair in your vehicle is Safety Restore.

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