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Dodge Ram 2500 Seat Belt
The Dodge Ram 2500 has had so many safety features added to it, to keep its drivers safe. Safety for a driver is very important, knowing you will be secured in a collision, helps people drive a little more calmly. The new Dodge Ram Heavy Duty is one of the only trucks that can help warn the driver when an accident is about to happen. If the driver doesn’t do anything with this warning the truck will automatically apply the brakes to make a complete stop, even the truck has a trailer attached to it. Ram Heavy Duty also is the only truck that offers an available Class-Exclusive Active Forward Lighting System with crisp LED lighting. The lamps turn up to 15 degrees to increase nighttime visibility. It also offers dual wide-band radar sensors in the taillamps, the available Blind Spot Monitoring system with Rear Cross Path Detection keeps an eye on vehicles and objects in the truck’s blind spot zones. This system does not monitor blind spot zones for trailers. With so many safety features added to 2500, making sure you maintain them is very important.

Safety Restore can help you maintain one of the most important safety features and that is your seat belts. Whether your seat belt is torn, frayed or your furry friend decided to use it as a chew toy, they can repair your seat belt to better than ever. Safety Restore has options for all stage seat belts. They even have an option to either color match your seat belt color or customize your seat belt color so your Dodge Ram 2500 stands out.

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