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“Had an excellent experience! Excellent Job and Fast Service”

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Dodge Ram 1500 Seat Belt
The first-generation Ram trucks and vans were introduced in 1981 until 1993. The second-generation Ram began development in 1986, then they redesigned the 1994 and produced it until 2001/2002. The 1994 Ram was a success in sales and was named "Truck of the Year" by Motor Trend. The third-generation Ram was revealed on February 7, 2001, at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show. It was produced from 2002 until 2008/2009. The fourth-generation started being produced in 2008 until now, it was introduced in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The fifth-generation Ram made its debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan on January 15, 2018, while its HD version made its debut at the same show on January 14, 2019.

With five generations of fixing, remodeling, and redesigning one thing we know that they didn't forget to add is all the things to keep you safe. Materials like the seat belts are key to keeping everyone in the vehicle safe; the driver and the passengers. Safety Restore rebuilds locked and blown seat belts for all makes and models within 24 hours. Know you are in good hands with a company that saves you time and money, and also cares for their customers' safety doing the job right the first time. Safety Restore offers seat belt repair after accident services, and dog chewed seat belt repair services. Enjoy your Dodge Ram 1500 knowing your seat belts will work properly when they are needed the most.

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