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OEM Seat belt repair service: Locked/blown pretensioners.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are compatible with all car year, makes & models!

Our repair process is simple. first place an order for the repair service you need, Ship in your item with all your contact information / order confirmation. We repair & ship back within 24hrs!

Please include all items to be repaired as well as all your contact information as well as your receipt if your order was placed online. Contact information should include name, address, phone number, email, and all your vehicle information.

Please ship all items for repair to our address below.
Safety Restore: 40 Main Street Westfield, MA, 01085
Please remember to include all your contact information or if you have placed an order online please include your receipt.

As soon as we receive your item, we repair it within 24 hours and ship it back.
Call: (855) 552-7233 | Text: (413) 454-5570

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Is your seat belt locked up or stuck after an accident? Seat belts are equipped with a gas charge, this charge deploys when a vehicle is in an accident.

You can save $100’s by getting your seat belt (s) repaired with Safety Restore. We rebuild and replace your seat belt and its parts inside out using only the best parts available on the market.

The seat belt repair service takes 24 hours from us receiving the seat belt to rebuilding and sending it back out to you.

Our seat belt repair service is compatible will ALL car years, makes & models! All seat belts repaired by Safety Restore will function like new, meeting or exceeding the manufacturer specifications and are guaranteed to work during an accident. Start your seat belt repair process today. 

The Process:
The process for our seat belt repair service is simple. Buy the appropriate repair service for your seat belt and ship in your seat belts. Once we receive your seat belts, we inspect, rebuild, and ship them back - easy!

Please ship in your seat belts to:
Safety Restore
40 Main St.
Westfield, MA 01085

All of our repair services include a limited lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee! Best of all Our Seat Belt Repair Service is compatible with all car years, makes and models!

Seat Belt Types
Seat belts come in a few different stages and the price per repair differs based on how many plugs/connectors the seat belt has.

Single stage seat belts are seat belts with one plug or a single connector.

Dual Stage Seat Belt Repair
Dual stage seat belts are seat belts with two plugs or two connectors in total.

Triple Stage Seat Belt Repair
Triple stage seat belts are seat belts with three plugs or three connectors in total.

This service is only for single stage seat belts. For dual and triple stage seat belts use the links above.

Whichever stage your seat belt is, we can repair it!

Can Seat Belts Be Repaired?

The short answer is yes 100%! However, while the seat belt internals can be rebuilt and restored. Seat belt webbing (the fabric part of a seat belt) can never be repaired and needs to be replaced. If you need your seat belt webbing to be replaced we’ve got you covered as we proudly offer this service! Learn more about 
Webbing Replacement

FAQ about our seat belt repair service

What do I include in the box when shipping in my seat belt(s) for repair?
When shipping your seat belts or SRS airbag modules to us for repair, we ask that you include your vehicle's YEAR, MAKE & MODEL. If you paid online, include your receipt in the box. We also need your contact information (name & phone #) along with your return mailing address.

What do I do if I'm getting a code for a seat belt that works fine?
Blown seat belts do not have to be locked and sometimes show no symptoms of fault. The airbag light and code does indicate that the seat belt is bad and will need to be repaired. Each seat belt is equipped with a gas-charge that if blown, will not work again. We fix these seat belts!

How do I remove my seat belt for repair?
While removing your seat belt may seem like a daunting task, with our guidance it’ll be as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1. Locate the seat belt that needs to be repaired
Most seat belts are located in the side pillars of the car and typically bolt to the bottom of the car. Most seat belts are covered by upholstery or plastic trim. If you still need some help one of our dedicated support specialists might be able to help.

Step 2. Remove all trim around the seat belt
You can use a flat head screwdriver or a trim removal tool to help remove the trim. Most trim and plastic is secured by clips. Be sure to be careful as the plastic can snap and break if handled roughly. Try to do this when your car is around 70F degrees or so as plastic isn’t quite as brittle at a warmer temperature. Be sure to move the seat back or forward to allow for easier removal of both the seat belt and trim.

Step 3. Remove screws or bolts holding the seat belt in place
Once you find the seat belt be sure to remove all bolts mounting the seat belt to the car. Some bolts will likely be covered by some sort of plastic or trim.

Step 4. Disconnect the seat belt plug(s)
Disconnecting the seat belt plug must be done carefully as the plastic on the plugs is very brittle and sensitive. Pay close attention to the video.

Step 5. You’re done.
Wasn’t so hard now, right? ? Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or need some help.

Why is my seat belt still stuck after being repaired?
If your seat belt is still stuck or appears to be stuck try the techniques below.

1. Make sure your seat belt is level.
If your seat belt isn’t level it’ll appear stuck. Hold the seat belt at the angle it would be when installed.

2. Your seat belt may be too tightly pulled in and needs to be released.
To do so, push in the seat belt webbing into the retractor assembly, it should pull out after pushing the belt in a little.

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