Airbag Module Reset Service Is Essential After A Crash

Understanding Airbags

Airbags are much more than just sacks that pop out in front of you during certain kinds of crashes. They’re part of a larger occupant restraint system designed to keep you safe during extreme situations. Each airbag is a flexible fabric pillow that inflates very rapidly when a crash occurs. The primary purpose is to soften the blow for you and to project you from the steering wheel, dashboard and other objects inside the cabin.

In modern vehicles, there are often several airbags to provide both front and side protection, and they don’t necessarily all deploy at once. Your vehicle has built-in sensors that detect the type of collision that’s happening and deploy the airbags as needed.

Airbags are no substitute for a seatbelt, which you are required by law to use anyway. Airbags are called a supplemental restraint system because they’re designed to protect you in ways that a seatbelt can’t.


Why Airbag Module Reset Service Is Essential

Simply put, your airbags won’t work right after a crash if you don’t have airbag module reset service performed. This service clears the crash data, allowing the restraint system to work again if there’s another incident. It certainly isn’t the same thing as simply stuffing the bags back in and hoping for the best.

Only a car care professional can safely and correctly perform airbag module reset service. If it isn’t done right by a trusted professional, it isn’t likely that the airbags will work when needed.

If you need airbag module reset service, you’ve already had one accident and know how scary they can be. Don’t delay in getting the module reset. Without this safety restore, your risk of injury next time is dramatically increased.